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We’re sure you have been hearing more and more about “Made in America”. Across the country news broadcasts and TV specials have focused on the importance of buying American made items. What a difference we could make in the American economy if we all took a little more time – made a little more effort – to buy more products Made in America. From the items inside your home, to the car you drive, to the toys your children play with… consider what you can do to help create jobs in America.

Have look at this recent ABC News clip. We are reaching out to encourage all Builders and Remodelers to review the products they use and to support Made in America materials. We are also asking home buyers and home owners to look for American Made products when making selections for their new home or their home projects. Imagine what a difference we can make – each one of us – by taking just a little extra time to look for that Made in America tag or symbol.

And this holiday season…

Buying “local” has taken on a whole new meaning in the age of the Internet. During the holiday shopping season this is more apparent than ever. Many of us do our shopping online, and thanks to the Internet we have access to stores and shopping sites around the world. Maybe you don’t want to (or can’t) drive around town to do your shopping. But we can all still look for “local” products – in this case that means “Made in America”. We hope you’ll take an extra minute when shopping online to check where the products were made – and when possible, buy American Made!

If you want to see more – much more on the ABC News specials on Made in America and where you can buy American Made products, here’s the link.

If you have Made in America stories to share with us from the Rochester Region – we’d love to hear from you!