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Okay, so for most of us, having outdoor living space like the one at the link below is a little farfetched, but let’s just dream for a little bit, shall we? I mean… will spring ever get here? Even for us die hard Rochesterians, this has been a long, cold winter. (Brrrrr!)

So, let’s think about spring, and all those projects we can start dreaming about and planning for now so they are ready to enjoy when that summer sun comes our way. If it’s one thing we know how to do, (other than shovel snow) it’s enjoy summer! It’s pretty darn short so we make the most of it.

Have a look at the outdoor living space these lucky homeowners in Montana had built for them. Maybe take away some ideas you can apply to your own backyard living space. Plan… dream… have fun!

Entertainment Space Adds New Dimension to Lakeside Retreat