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After remaining virtually unchanged for nearly a hundred years, the lighting industry is now in a period of rapid evolution.  Performance is constantly improving and new, innovative lighting solutions are being introduced on a regular basis.  At the forefront of this movement is the LED light bulb, which, aside from being the most efficient and durable bulb available on today, has also opened up new possibilities with regards to controllability, smart home connectivity, and lighting design.   

To showcase the benefits of residential LED lighting, two Rochester area builders, Fedyk Builders and Gerber Homes, recently participated in a Solid-State Lighting Demonstration Project, conducted by Newport Ventures on behalf of the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA).  After completing construction on two EnergyStar Certified Homes, professional lighting designs were developed using a 100% LED lighting package.  The homes were then monitored for a period of 9 months for energy and cost savings related to the lighting.  The tables below highlight both the energy and cost savings delivered by the installed lighting compared to both a code built home* and a home with 100% Incandescent bulbs.  

  Lighting Plan Avg. Monthly Cost Yearly Cost      (extrapolated based on 9 month data)

Fedyk Builders


Fairport, NY

100% LED $5.47 $65.62
Code Home $18.15 $217.76
100% Incand. $29.83 $357.95

Gerber Homes


Canandaigua, NY

100% LED $4.02 $48.24
Code Home $14.82 $177.84
100% Incand. $24.36 $292.34

Learn more about the project by visiting http://newportventures.net/projects/solidstatelighting.html