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Finding the right company for your building project is never a simple task. With so many to sift through and vet, the process can quickly become overwhelming and lead you down the path of self-doubt and second-guessing. There is nothing wrong with trusting your gut on these things, but there are also some guaranteed tips that enable anyone to make a clear, strong choice when hiring services. The following article explains how to know if a construction business is credible, and how to avoid those that may be taking you for a joyride.


The Right PPE

If people turn up to work on your home design or renovation, but there is no protective equipment in sight – it would be wise to turn them away and look for a new company. The risks involved of not properly protecting workers from potential harm on site are a liability for any company, so it stands to reason that if they haven’t kitted their workers out with everything they need like these safety helmet visors or proper work boots, etc., they may not be all that credible.


Good Reviews

Customer reviews are better able to tell you everything you need to know about a company than the company itself. How they are perceived in the world does count towards whether or not they are reliable. Take some reviews with a pinch of salt. For example, if there are a few negative comments amongst hundreds of other positive ones. Chances are in this instance, the poor reviews are an anomaly.

Check for any patterns in the reviews, how many there are, and the date they were posted, and above all, read as many as you can stand to read! Seeing the wider scope of a company through the eyes of other people is a viable way of ascertaining its stance in the industry. Remember, some reviews can be fake, and while this is a morally questionable practice, it does happen more often than you’d think.


A Fair Price

Shop around before you commit to a company. The biggest price tag does not always translate into the best service, and the smallest price does not always mean the worst service either. There are some universal tips for figuring out whether a price is fair or not, which you can check out below.

  • Ask around using word of mouth to hear the experience of other people. This can help you determine if there are any red flags pricing-wise.
  • Get quotes from a selection of companies to get an average idea of basic costs and labor.
  • Use the internet. It is filled with reviews and advice on this topic.


Expert Knowledge

When you are relying on a professional to come in and guide you in an important project, they have to take the lead in terms of explaining and finding solutions. Any worker has to be an expert in their field, or be able to defer to one for answers. Without this niche knowledge, the project is likely to fall flat as it inevitably lacks strong leadership and anyone with the capacity to problem solve. Anyone can do a quick internet search on a subject and find some basic steps, but any architectural or bigger scale renovation-style projects need a person who has studied, grafted, and has a certain amount of experience.


Strong Industry Connections

Last but not least, any credible company that works with these types of projects is fairly certain to have other contacts in the industry. This can be useful for employing other necessary services to complete jobs, for example, specialist wiring, and so on. Having contacts shows that a business is established and has worked hard to network and create connections in its field of expertise, which in turn only adds to its general profile and authenticity factor. Find out if they belong to, or have affiliations with industry groups or associations in your area.


Insurances and/or Licenses

Not all places on the globe require contractors to have specific insurances or licenses, but some do.  Call the local municipality in your area and ask these questions.  Insurances will cover you should someone get hurt while working on your home, and licenses, when required, are critical.  Also, some locations require special permits to perform work on a residence.  The local municipality can answer all those questions for you.



Finding the right fit for your vision is naturally a pressured decision that entails a lot of thought and research. It is not a decision to rush into lightly, so don’t compromise by signing the first contract that is offered up. Even when restricted by time, there is value in taking a pause and finding the right fit to see your dream through.