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Are you planning to sell your home?  The process can be complicated, but if you are careful about choosing the right people to help you through the process it will be much easier.


There are more things to prepare than putting up your home’s pictures on a listing site. There are several considerations to check from the preparation to the actual listing and pricing of the property.


One of this is the timeline. If you think it is possible to sell a property within a month or so, think again.  You may receive an offer right away, if you’re fortunate, but the sales process is much more complicated that an offer.  A sales professional, like a Realtor, can help you through the process.  You will also need other ‘partners in the process including – in most cases – a real estate attorney, and a mortgage lender.

The process requires the homeowner’s patience since the selling process can take anywhere between two to four months to complete (on average) and, depending on where on the globe you live, can cost as much as four to ten percent of the sale price by the time all is said and done.

Here are a few pieces of information to get you started:


Partner with a real estate agent

When selling your house, work with an agent.  This is very important unless you are confident that you can do the work alone. However, do not work with just any agent. Instead, find the right agent – someone who is professional and is familiar with the area in which you live. Knowing the advantage of your area is important so that potential buyers can hear about the area and all its amenities.

An experienced agent will ensure that your listing shows on multiple platforms. There are so many real estate listing sites now, and your agent should be familiar with them.  Such an agent will be able to work on a strategy that makes sense so you can have an extensive network of potential buyers.


Secure compelling images

Another thing you need to know is about the material to use. Images are powerful, but you cannot use any normal photos. Instead, these images should be something captivating. Hence, if you are not skilled enough to take excellent images, it is best to seek help and find the best property photography company in your area. Photos of your home can be one of the best tools to get buyers to visit for an in person tour and to get that offer.


Price accordingly

You sell a property because you need money, regardless of what you use it for later.  However, you need to ensure it is priced accordingly – nothing more, nothing less.


It is best to price the property objectively, and your real estate professional will help you with this.  You can be sentimental when pricing it but remember that it should not cloud your decision. Your agent will know how to get the information needed for your area so that you get top dollar for your property without pricing yourselves out of the market.

Your agent will run a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), a report that compares your property to others in a specific location. (It may be called something slightly different where you live.)


Set an optimistic timeline

Again, going back to what is mentioned above, you must have a timeline with a bit of flexibility built in. And when you do this, it should be realistic and doable.  If you have a realistic timeframe, it is possible to get the deal done without being disappointed. Your agent will know how long sales are taking in the current market and in your area.

Always remember to use strategies and tactics that are proven effective in real estate marketing because it can help boost your listings online.


Bonus Tip: The Contract

You now know most of the things to consider when selling a home, but here is one more bonus tip you should not miss: the contract. As a property owner, your goal from the start is always to close the deal. This means signing a valid contract.

If you already have a relationship with an attorney that does real estate transactions, great!  If not, your bank or your real estate agent can recommend one for you.  It is very important to be sure all the legalities are in check when making such a large transaction like selling your home or property.  You don’t want legal issues to come back to haunt you in the months (or even years) to come.  Be sure that everything has been checked and verified before you close the deal.  It will be a small price to pay in the long term.