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Remodeling your bathroom can prove to be a challenging task because of the extensive renovation needed. If you intend to rip away every fitting from the tiling, toilet, bathtub, and vanities, down to the flooring, you can expect the cost to go up to $10,000 to $15,000. Considering that you must work around the existing plumbing, electricals, water supply, and drainage, the entire project can get highly complex. You’ll want to bring in professional bathroom remodelers who can complete the tasks for you quickly, efficiently, and within the estimated budget.


Would You Rather Prefer Small DIY Upgrades?

The exciting thing about smaller DIY remodeling tasks is that they typically involve the minimum of mess. Instead of ripping away existing tiling, you could cover up the unsightly flooring with tiles that mimic the real thing and are as functional. Installing luxury vinyl flooring and plank flooring in bright geometric patterns can instantly spruce up the bathroom giving it a whole new look. You could even put down vinyl that looks like wood flooring but is entirely resistant to damage from moisture.

Here’s another idea. Whatever your existing floor material may be, give it a new lease of life with a fresh coat of paint. Choose enamel paints with just a hint of color to add a protective layer that will look appealing for many years to come.

Replace Your Countertops

If you’ve been looking at your countertops and thinking of granite or marble replacements, that’s no longer as complicated or expensive. The solution is going with laminate countertops that are now available in a stunning range of colors and patterns designed to look just like natural stone. Laminate is much lighter and certainly more affordable, and easy to install. Even if you choose to order custom counters, the final cost will be more economical and the installation easy to manage.


Refinish Your Bathtub or Shower Area

Whatever may the material of your bathtub or shower area, such as acrylic, fiberglass, or enamel, you can rejuvenate it without having to replace it entirely. Using hard epoxy resin, you can coat the surfaces on-site with a protective layer. The exciting thing about epoxy is that it can take on any color and design you like and transform your bathroom. Although you can try this yourself as a DIY project, calling in refinishing professionals ensures that you get the desired results. They’ll also take care to observe all the safety precautions. Touch up any cracks and nicks with super glue white porcelain, and your bathtub or shower will look as good as new.


Replace Hardware and Faucets

The simplest way to give your bathroom a makeover is to replace the hardware like the handles of the cabinets. Changing the faucets and showerheads along with the mirrors and shower curtains can refresh the spaces instantly. A few finishing touches like accessories, paintings, baskets, new towels, and potted plants can do wonders.


Remodeling your bathroom the quick and easy way does not need you to invest a lot of money, time, and effort. Get creative, and soon you’ll have a great space to begin your mornings.