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 As much as we may love our homes, people get bored. Wanting to make changes to your space is not unheard of, and it can make you feel happier and more comfortable in the house.


However, if you’re thinking of making a change more significant than merely painting the walls or replacing your furniture, then you want to make sure you properly prepare. Things like expanding, re-doing your roof, or similar projects can be a bit more complicated than meets the eye – but they are tasks that are worth the effort.


Before you get ready to make any significant changes to your home, there are some things you may want to consider.


1 – Check Local Regulations


Your house is yours, but if your project is going to be bigger than something indoors (such as adding on to the home, creating a garage, etc.), then you may want to consult the state and local rules. If you’re doing the project yourself, this is even more important.


If it involves a lot of construction or equipment, you may want to look into getting a general contractor’s license, which varies by state. (Not all states require contractor licensing at the time of this writing)  Check out a general contractors license guide to find out how you can get certified. Plus, when your project is done, you could use that license to keep helping others out, too.


2 – Prepare (and Try to Stick to) a Budget


Home renovations can get expensive quickly. Determine your budget ahead of time after doing a bit of research, so you know what you want and what you are getting into. Try to set and stick to a reasonable budget, leaving room in your funds for the possibility of mistakes or extra expenses you didn’t expect, just in case. You don’t want to bankrupt yourself if you can prevent it with simple planning.


3 – Figure Out Where You’re Staying


If you’re doing a total home renovation or making some change that could affect your living situation, set up lodging ahead of time. Whether you stay with friends or family, or you get a room at a hotel, it’s essential to make sure you have somewhere to go while your home is in transition. Don’t leave yourself without a place to sleep or eat or live while you’re improving your house.


4 – Find Out if You Need Temporary Storage


Take stock of all your items that could be affected by the construction, and decide whether you want to put them in a storage unit or move them to an area of the house that won’t be affected. Marking down your items is vital for potential insurance reasons, and clearing out space will relieve a lot of stress from you and whoever helps you make the changes in your house. Protect your stuff and make your life a lot easier by clearing out the areas that will be worked on.


5 – Do Some Research


Look up the timeline on similar projects to get a good idea of how you want to proceed. Research can help you prepare for your project, and the information can come from anywhere. Talk to friends who have done home renovations, or do a quick search on the Internet. If you don’t go in completely blind, you will be better prepared to handle any situations and have a better appreciation when it’s all said and done.




Major home improvement projects can feel daunting, but they’re also incredibly exciting. Preparing yourself and your home ahead of time will make the process much smoother, and it will make you feel better and have more appreciation for the final product.