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Packing for a move can be a challenge. Some items are easy to pack, for example books can be stacked in a box, end tables can be loaded onto a truck, and bikes can be hung on the wall.  However, packing gets difficult when you’re dealing with fragile objects or unique shapes, and considering how much stuff we all have, it’s likely you’ll run into a few roadblocks.

Luckily, a few packing tricks will help you move without any issues. Here are some helpful tips to get you started.

Garbage bags and wardrobe boxes

Think about your current household items that could come in handy like trash bags and empty boxes from your latest online shopping spree. Before you begin to empty out your closet, come up with a plan. You could utilize this time to purge your closet or simply slide the clothes while still hooked to the hangers directly into the garbage bags. If you have access to wardrobe boxes, that will work in your favor. Wardrobe boxes make it possible to transport clothes in standing shape to avoid creasing and other hazards that will come with moving as well as avoiding any tedious folding and unfolding duties.

Make use of toilet paper rolls

While you might think those empty toilet paper rolls in your bin are useless, consider securing your electronics and gadget cords in them. Simply wrap each wire around and inside an empty roll then place it in a box dedicated to cords and other electronics.

Set aside a shoe-box

Consider cleaning all your shoes before packing, this makes it easier to put all your shoes in one box. If you’re limited on space, you can place your socks in a plastic bag and place them within the shoe box. The socks will act as an excellent cushioning for anything heavy that could be placed above the shoe box. If you’re shoes aren’t quite clean enough, try using shower caps as shoe covers so that you can pack more shoes in your dedicated boxes.

Special boxes for mirrors

As you would know, mirrors are delicate. Ask your moving company to help you purchase special boxes that can secure your mirror when moving. For extra protection, cover the mirror with bubble wrap or towels to give it extra cushion and stability within the box. Label the mirror box clearly for extra care when moving it.

Mattress pad and box

Your bed and bedding usually will come last when packing your bedroom stuff. Fold your sheets and linens properly and pack them in a clear plastic bag. Secure a large box to pack your pillows, duvet, and other bedding after wrapping them in a plastic bag. Lastly, wrap your mattress in a clean mattress pad and insert them in a mattress box to secure it from damage.

Kitchen boxes

Invest in good quality kitchen boxes seeing that most will hold fragile utensils. Wrap breakable glasses and plates in bubble wraps or towels to prevent them from breaking. Place them in the kitchen boxes gently. Don’t forget to label the box and include “Fragile” for movers to handle the box delicately.

Pack liquids in plastic wraps

You could spend a lot of time packing cleaning supplies in a box just to have the detergent spill when moving. To prevent spills that may destroy the box and cause a huge mess to the rest of the luggage, uncap all household liquids first. Cover the top of the bottle with plastic wrap then seal tightly. After this exercise, arrange the detergents in a standing position in a standard-sized box depending on their quantities.

These hacks will aid you in packing your belongings appropriately. Remember that organized packing will help you have a smooth unpacking process. Keep this in mind as you pack room to room to save you time throughout the moving process.