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Your basement can add crucial living space to your home. Unfortunately, for most homeowners, the basement is neglected and overlooked. The space may not even be fully developed, or the finished area could be poorly done with little thought to making it an enjoyable space. It is time to take back this living space to enhance the value of your home and enrich the way you live. The trick is to plan basement renovations that shine with unique touches and individualized features. Here is a list to inspire your renovation dreams.

A large basement gets a renovation.

Go All Out With High-End Finishes

Basements do not have to be the place where you cut corners. Too many basements feel dingy because the finishes are lackluster. Instead, go ahead and fully invest in your basement. Consider the richest plush carpet, or just install real wood floors or tile. Accent your walls with ornate baseboards or crown molding. If your basement renovations include a bathroom, then splurge on granite countertops, real wood cabinetry and luxury appliances. It is important to remember that the quality of the finishes should match the rest of your house in order to make your basement feel accessible and integrated.


Design the Ultimate Movie Viewing Experience

One unique option for a basement remodel is a home theatre. You can go as far as you want with this concept. In some cases, you may be able to create a projection system with reclined cinema seating. However, you can also just choose an entertainment center with a large television set and comfortable couches. The key is to think about how to best enjoy movies in the comfort of your home. Basements are a great place to put an in-home cinema since it does not detract from your main living space.


Create a Full Apartment Getaway

If you are trying to think of other distinctive ways to add value and versatility during your basement renovation project, then consider creating a separate living space. The nice thing about basements is that they are separated from the rest of your home. You could play this up and create a unique basement apartment with a bedroom, living space, bathroom and kitchen. It might take some creative planning to space all these elements out, and you will want to make sure that there are appropriate windows in place to make it safe. A basement apartment can be a great place for visiting relatives, teenage children and guests. You could even turn it into a rental space to earn some extra cash.


Customize Your Basement as a Child’s Dream Come True

If you have young children, then you could transform the basement into a childhood retreat. This is a great option to centralize all the toys your children have in one area. It is also a great way to keep your kids entertained for hours. You can make your child’s play space as elaborate as you want. Be sure to think about building in toy storage, but you could also look into creating a customized playground. You could build a playhouse into the walls. Think big and add slides, swings and more. This will give your child an easy place to escape without having to go into the backyard or take a trip to the park.


Plan On Maximizing Light During Your Basement Renovations

One limitation of many basements is natural light. If your basement is a walkout, then be sure to play up that feature. Invest indoors and full-sized windows to let in as much light as possible. However, if your basement does not have a walkout feature, then you will have to work with whatever limited windows you have. Many basements have smaller windows, which can make it hard. Feature these windows as much as possible with custom finishes. Also, add in additional lighting features.


Get Creative With Storage in Your Basement

Basements are often used for storage. While you want to create usable living space, do not forget your storage needs. Consider built-in shelving in key locations, and maximize awkward areas under the stairs. Shelves that go from floor to ceiling can really create a distinctive look while taking full advantage of the space you have available during your basement modelling project.