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Keeping a pet, especially a ferret, is all fun unless you’re bothered by its smell. The mild odor may be tolerable, but it becomes really annoying when the odor spreads around your home. If you are in the same condition, you already know how unpleasant the ferret odor is. In that situation, you may think about eliminating the ferret smell from your house.

Well, there are several ways to get rid of ferrets’ unpleasant smells. But using an air purifier could be an excellent way to rectify the worst condition of ferret smell. Typically, an air purifier helps to suck all the odor from your indoor environment and replace it with fresh air. This way, your home will remain odor-free of ferrets. Keep reading this context to know more information about air purifiers and ferret odor.


Reason for Unpleasant Ferrets Smell?

Before knowing the solution to get rid of the ferret smell, let’s first take a moment to understand the cause of the odor. Ferrets have their own unique smell, just like any other pet. This smell would be intolerable when you don’t clean your ferret or their cage.

Although this smells musky and sweet, it may be problematic for those who aren’t used to the odor. In that case, using an air purifier to fight ferret odor will be a good way to keep your room odorless. However, below we have pointed out the reasons for the smell from your ferret, even if you clean the ferret and cage regularly.

  • Ferret contains anal glands that produce a unique scant to attract mates or mark their territory. When any ferret feels threatened, they release too strong a scent. This scant can be bothersome, especially if you fail to neuter the ferret.
  • A ferret’s skin also contains scent glands along with its anal glands. These glands release pretty strong scents. That’s why ferrets usually have a musky smell even after they bathe.
  • Ferret’s ears are the dirtiest part that should be cleaned regularly. If you ignore cleaning ears, that can hold all wax and oil from the skin. Over time, this accumulation can be a strong smell.
  • Living space is another main cause ferret smells bad. If you do not offer sufficient living space for ferrets, that leads to creating a bad smell in your room.

What Could Be for a Ferret Smell?

Pets, especially ferrets, produce a strong smell that is not only unwelcome but also toxic to your health. When pets’ odor or urine gas mixes with the air, inhaling this air may cause severe health issues. Below are the health issues that can be caused by pet smell.

  • Asthma
  • Lung infections
  • Nose and throat burning sensations
  • Eye or skin irritation


How to Get Rid of Ferret Smell in House

Everyone wishes to live in an odorless and clean house. Sometimes this can be tough if you keep any pet like a ferret. For that, here we have revealed how to get rid of the ferret smell in your home.


Feed Your Ferret Quality Food

Food plays a crucial role in the ferret smell. A good diet plan makes a ferret healthy and ultimately produces less odor. Ferrets require high-quality food containing a proper amount of protein and vitamins. As ferrets are carnivore species, they digest raw meat more efficiently than packaging food. Otherwise, low-quality food may lead to a musk scent in their poop.


Ferret Cages Should Be Kept Clean

Cleaning your ferret’s cage is very important to eliminate the bad odor. It is crucial to keep the cage floor, and hard surfaces clean regularly. And also change the bedding at least once every three to four days. Cleaning bedding means you should wash all hammocks, sheets, sleep sacks, t-shirts, toys, and food bowls. For cleaning the cage, use a mixture of vinegar solution and water.


Give Ferret a Scheduled Bath

It is a good practice to bathe your ferret every 2 to 3 months but not more frequently in a month. While bathing will be a great way to get rid of ferret odor, excessive bathing can make the odor worse than before. This is because excess baths can produce more oil in a ferret’s body, making the smell worse. However, try to bathe the ferret with warm water and mild pet shampoo.


Regularly Clean the Ferret Litter Box

Training your ferret to use litter boxes makes it easier to remove their waste and odors from your home. For this, always use a litter box for ferret urination and defecation instead of using pads or newspapers. To deodorize your home, you need to change the litter every 3 to 4 days. This will help you to eliminate the significant bad smell of ferrets.


Clean Ferrets Ears Regularly

As we said, ferret ears accumulate wax on their body that can produce a strong musky smell. For that, it is good to clean the ferret’s ears regularly. For cleaning ferrets’ ears, you can use an ear cleaner. This will help you to clean their ears smoothly. However, cleaning your ferret ear once a week will be good for controlling the odor in your room.


Use An Air Purifier

If you really want to get rid of ferret odor, investing in an air purifier is the best option. An air purifier will help you eliminate ferret odors from your home quickly. Although the smell of the ferret is quite strong and musty, an air purifier can effectively reduce bad odor. You will find some air purifiers that are specifically designed to work with the ferret’s bad smells.


Will an Air Purifier Help With Ferret Smell?

Even with regular cleaning and maintenance, your house can still trace the musky smell of your ferret. This is where air purifiers come in to absorb all bad smells from your room by cleaning your indoor air. Although not all air purifiers will eliminate the ferret smell in a room, most only remove air pollutants. However, an air purifier with odor removing filters like carbon filters can make the house fresher smelling by reducing ferret odor. You will also find some air purifiers that release essential oils and aromatics to make your room more fragrant.


How Does an Air Purifier Remove Ferret Smell?

Generally, air purifiers contain several filters like HEPA, Charcoal Carbon Filter, Ionized Filter, and UV Light Air Filter. Among these filters, charcoal carbon filters are designed to absorb different gases, including smoke, chemicals, and odors from pets or cooking. This filter is an extremely porous material and made with coconut willow peat, husk, bamboo, and coir.

An air purifier with carbon filters helps you to eliminate unpleasant odors like your ferret smell. Typically, when the smelled air passes through the air purifier, carbon filters trap the air containing odor. After trapping the odor molecules, the air purifier releases the fresh air into your indoor environment.

On the other hand, the HEPA filter works as a secondary layer that helps to trap micros, including pet dander. These irritating pet dander can cause allergic reactions and asthma attacks. This way, these filters can collect the gas, chemical vapors, dander, and odor molecules from your home and replace them with fresh air.


How to Choose the Best Air Purifier to Remove Ferret Odor?

When purchasing an air purifier, especially for ferret odor, you should consider several factors. For your help below, we have demonstrated some essential things that you have to check out.



As we have said earlier, air purifiers have numerous filters. So, you should consider that your chosen air purifier is integrated with a carbon filter. This is because your primary target is eliminating pet odor, especially ferret smell. Besides, you can also have air purifiers with HEPA filters that can remove pet dander.



The second thing you should consider is the size of your room, picking an air purifier. You will find air purifiers ranging in capacity from 150 square feet to 1,000 square or more. If your room is big, you have to pick a large air purifier.


Noise Level

You will find air purifiers that make irritating noise. So you should get an air purifier that generates less noise because a loud device may cause disturbance for you. Besides, some air purifiers have a sleep mode feature that will operate silently.


Fan Speeds

This factor most people overlook, but you have to check the fan speed of your chosen air purifier. The latest designed air purifiers come with multiple fan speeds. It will help you to adjust the speed as per the condition.



Having a ferret would be a great way to get rid of rats in your home. However, the smell of ferrets can be very annoying, which leads to various health issues. In this case, eliminating the unpleasant smell of your ferret is the only way you can. For your help, through this context, you have let you know different ways to get rid of ferret smell. Following the simple method discussed above, you can easily eliminate this unpleasant odor. Besides, using an air purifier will be excellent to get rid of the ferret smell.