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Water damage can strike your home at any time. And when it does, there’s no denying how it can disrupt your life’s comfort. Think of all the possible effects of water damage in your home: flooded rooms, bursting pipes, overflowing toilets, and leaking roofs, among others. While you may not have control over the water damage from happening (especially if you live in a flood-prone area), you can control its outcomes.

You can drastically prevent the damage from worsening or getting more permanent if you act fast. But you cannot do this by yourself. Water damage restoration is something best left in the hands of professionals like SERVPRO of Southwest Dallas, or any related company in your area.

With that said, here are some tips and tricks on how to find the best water damage restoration company in your area:


  1. Ask About The Company’s Immediate Availability

When it comes to water damage restoration, time is of the essence. Hence, it’s very important to select the company that’s available as soon as possible. With immediate action, further damage can be avoided.

If you don’t have an emergency yet just now, then a water damage company with immediate response 24/7 is your best bet. Should water damage strike at any given time, you know that when you call, they’re there to respond.


  1. Check The Company’s Employee Standard

A good water damage restoration company should have a team of employees who are well-trained, certified, and licensed. So be sure you check to see that these standards are met.

Water damage restoration is no easy job, and you can only give yourself that added assurance when you’re dealing with companies that have high employee standards. If not, then they may only add up or cause even more problems.

Apart from certifications and licenses, the company should allow their employees to undergo regular training programs to help them keep on top of new tools and techniques in water damage restoration. By doing so, you’re also guaranteed that the team’s skills and knowledge are up-to-date.

  1. Ask About The Equipment To Be Used

Your company of choice must use the proper equipment for water damage restoration. And if possible, try to find out if they are using the latest technology as well. Ask about what equipment the company will use, and do your own research as well to be informed about the latest devices in the industry.

Remember that for proper restoration, it’s critical to use the proper moisture-detection, dehumidification, extracting, and drying equipment. When the proper equipment is used, the damage can be reversed, and the repair can be completed faster. By doing so, the water damage is properly tackled before becoming worse.

Advanced equipment may also be able to restore family heirlooms, documents, photos, and other things that have been damaged due to water.


  1. Ask Around For Local References

Don’t put your home and belongings in the hands of fly-by-night water damage restoration services. To ensure a proper restoration job and that you also aren’t going to be wasting money, it’s very important to end up with reputable companies. One way to give yourself the assurance of quality is to ask around for local references.

These local references include family and friends who may have also called in a water damage restoration company in the past. Ask for their recommendations, or try to ask them about their experience.

If you don’t have this first-hand source, go through the company’s website. The best ones will most likely have Internet presence. On their website or social media accounts, you may be able to find a feedback section where you can go through the comments of clients they’ve previously served. If there’s anything that strikes you as a red flag, then follow your instinct and opt for another water damage restoration company instead.


  1. Good Customer Service

Apart from working to solve the water damage, a good restoration company should also have excellent customer service. This means they go over and beyond to ensure their clients can move on from the water damage that happened to their home in the best and quickest way possible.

One of these aspects of good customer service is through helping you out with your insurance claim processes. If your home is insured, then your insurance policy will cover the cost of the restoration expenses. A good water damage company will help you deal with your insurance company for the claims and payment so you’ll no longer have to worry about it. That’s one stress load off your shoulders.


  1. Hire Local

If there are local water damage restoration companies within your area, then focus on hiring local. It’s to your best advantage, as hiring local ensures a faster response system. It cuts the travel time when you call for assistance when water damage happens.

Also, hiring a local company means you’re trusting a company that also knows the local ins and outs of water damage in your area. Because they know your place by heart, they can also solve the root of the problem and minimize water damage from occurring again.

A reputable local water damage restoration company won’t just solve the current damage, but will also recommend additional fixes to proactively prevent the same water problem from happening again.


  1. Go Through The Contract Inclusions

Before finally signing a contract with a water damage restoration company, going through the contract inclusions is a must. Contract inclusions will list down the services that are included in the services you’re paying for.

While there may be many companies you can choose from, not all of these may be as comprehensive with their services. Choose the one that’ll give you the best bang for your buck—even if your insurance provider will cover the expenses.

The more comprehensive the inclusions are, the better. This would mean that the best possible service is being done to restore your home.



With the tips above, you can finally lead yourself to the best water damage restoration company to solve the water damage in your home. Especially if this is the very first time you’ve experienced water damage, it can leave you at a loss as to how to narrow down your choice with the numerous options you may have in your area.


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