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Finding a quality cleaning service for your home can be an overwhelming task to complete due to the large amounts of information and reviews available online. Going on allotted cleaning service websites, obtaining proper quotes, and researching different cleaning services to decipher if they are right for you can take weeks. Getting your money’s worth by hiring a quality cleaning service will ensure that your home will get the type of cleaning that will most benefit you.


Find out how you can discover the best house cleaning services that will benefit your household and what elements should be considered before you hire them.


What needs to be cleaned


Before you begin to search for a cleaning service for your home, you should take note of the areas in your home that most need a good and consistent cleanse, as some cleaning services do not clean certain areas. For example, if you often need your bathroom clean or the laundry to be washed, folded, and put away, you should hire a cleaning service that focuses on these areas. Hiring a cleaning service and expecting to return home to find your bathroom tidy and your laundry completed only to find out these duties aren’t in the service contract can ultimately be a waste of your money.


Referrals from friends and family


Having friends and family who use a cleaning service can be of use to you when you begin your search for a house cleaning service. Ask for contact information from them and questions pertaining to the adequacy of their cleaning services within the home. Acquiring this information can give you realistic expectations if you hire a company based on the referral of a friend. While company websites can filter out any negative reviews, your friends and family can give you an honest and realistic portrait of what certain cleaning services will look like upon hiring them.

Frequent or one-time services


Before hiring a cleaning service, you should consider whether you want the service to clean your home with frequent services consistently or if this is just a one-time hire. This will determine the cost of the cleaning as getting frequent cleanings can amount to a lower price in terms of cost per visit. Getting a cleaning service every two weeks can ultimately save you money rather than monthly visits, sometimes by only a couple of dollars. Adjust the number of times you need cleaning services based on your budget and the necessity of their appointed visits. One-time visits for situations like moving out will always cost more than frequently set appointments. Factor in how often you need this service to get the best price available.


Experience and accreditations


When looking into hiring cleaning services, you should begin asking questions that revolve around their reputation, their affiliations with any professional organizations, and how reputable you hear they are. Find out their experience in cleaning homes, if any awards have been granted to these companies, and if they are seemingly reputable and trustworthy. Understand their credibility and ask around to see if a company you are interested in hiring will provide you with the best services possible, so you feel safe in letting new people into your beloved homestead. Understanding their experience and accreditations should also give you a general idea of what cleaning service is the best option.




Once you find the service and cleaner you want to hire, asking questions is a normal and expected part of the process. With larger companies, you will most likely speak to a representative rather than an individual cleaner, but having a list of questions to ask still works in this regard. Some of the questions you might want to ask are:


  • What cleaning supplies are typically used?
  • What are the costs?
  • What is your experience?
  • Are you insured?
  • What areas of the house do this cleaning service focuses on?
  • What are the terms of service?
  • How many cleaners will come to my home?
  • Do you have any references I can contact?


These are only suggested questions that can be asked to an individual cleaner or a cleaning service that you want to hire. Other questions that are modified to suit your personal terms should be added to this list, so you are able to find a cleaning service that lines up with what you need.




Once you decide on what cleaning services you want to hire and the cleaning has been completed in the home, do a walk-through around your home to make sure nothing has been missed. Doing a quick walk-through will give you initial insight into how well the cleaning service tidied the home and if they missed any critical areas. This walk-through should be completed before the cleaning services leave so you can communicate to them any issues you may have. Most reputable cleaning services will allow you to contact them if you have any problems with the completed cleaning within 24 hours.