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Buying quality windows is not an easy task that requires a comprehensive approach. What is even more difficult than finding a quality window is trying to seek out a specific window manufacturer for the windows in your home, or for any window replacements you want to do. Finding the window manufacturer can become even more daunting if window installation already occurred before you moved in.


Find out the methodical process of discovering a window manufacturer that can prove beneficial to your home when you choose to replace every window within the house.


Contact supplier


One way you can begin your search for a manufacturer is to contact a window supplier to see if they have any information. Of course, this could be difficult if you don’t have the name or the serial number of the window on hand. Merely describing the window to a supplier could lead you to a dead end if you cannot procure enough information for the supplier to go by. If you don’t have the information, you need to contact the supplier; more thorough steps might have to be taken!


Contact installation company


Another method to explore the window manufacturer is to contact the company that initially did the window installation in your home. This can also be tricky if the window set in your house had been installed long before you moved in. Despite that difficult navigation, you can still call window companies around your area to see if they have information on the window implementation or any documentation that can point you in the right direction to find the window manufacturer you are looking for.


Identify window


Sometimes, the easiest solution might be under your nose–or on a label attached to a window. Check all corners on any specific window in your home to try to find a small label that will state the manufacturer, their code name, and the serial number. Many manufacturers will have their names etched onto the lower corner of the window. If you can only spot a number, place that number into any search engine to see if any results come from it, including the name manufacturer.


Check your home’s records


The answer to your window manufacturer could also be found within the depths of your home. After you have purchased your house, you should have received a large mound of paperwork. While you might have displaced elsewhere, this paperwork could hold the name of the manufacturer of the windows in your home. Sifting through the paperwork, you will most likely find a window label, a copy of the warranty, a stack of receipts that could name the manufacturer or even home inspection paperwork that could include information pertaining to the quality of the window–revealing a number relating to the manufacturer.


Consult an expert


If you strike a dead end and are unable to find the manufacturer through any of the suggested methods, it could be time to consult window experts. Contact a local window expert to come and closely inspect your home. These experts can estimate and sometimes decipher the window manufacturer based on the frame of the window, the style, and the thickness of the glass, among other minor details that you might not know, exists on a window. A hired expert can then tell you who to contact and also give you information about the state of your windows and any other issues that may be explicit.




Once you have finally discovered the manufacturer’s name, you can take the next steps to research them and find contact information. After going through the convoluted motions to gather who the manufacturer of your home’s windows is, whatever it is next you want to do with the information is ultimately up to you.