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The common difficulty of working from home in a home office is that people lack stimulating business-related social interactions and that they have difficulty separating their home and business life. This doesn’t have to be the case though, as we’ve learned some great tips from experienced feng shui consultants who’ve helped hundreds of clients design a feng shui home office.

Working from home can seriously bring tons of benefits into someone’s life, but feng shui can really make that experience terrific! If you’ve chosen the work-from-home life, we’re glad to help you create a wildly lucrative home office by giving you some feng shui office tips that we’ve learned.

Separate your work-space/office from your bedroom

One essential part of feng shui is separating your professional and personal lives as much as possible. Of course, if you’re working from home, that may be difficult as your home and work-space can easily be one and the same. One way you can mitigate this is by having a completely separate entrance to your office, if your home’s layout allows it. If this doesn’t sound practical, you should try to create the greatest division possible between your office and your bedroom. Other things you can do include having your office in a completely separate area of your house and/or possibly designing your office much differently than your bedroom to differentiate work and relaxation; These are some good starting points for practicing feng shui in your home office.

Keep Productivity in Mind When Planning Your Home Office

When you’re designing your home office, you should keep your well-being, productivity and success in mind. To do this, you should use feng shui colors linked to productivity like red, orange, purple and pink. You can also promote your success by including specific images and career memorabilia with significant feelings behind them in your home office when designing it; Be sure that these things give you feelings of success, acknowledgement and, most importantly, happiness.

You should also feel free to completely express your creativity when designing and/or decorating your home office, as working from home means you can design your office however you’d like. However, you should make sure that whatever design or decorations you may choose reflect the energy that you want to project while working; You should also ensure that the work-space represents your chosen field of work.

Ensure That You Get Quality Air and Light in Your Home Office

You should always be aware of the quality of light and the quality of air in any place, but this is doubly true for your home office. Quality air and light are two feng-shui must-haves that will promote good health and stability. To put it simply, you can’t be expected to do your best work if your brain is starved for oxygen and you aren’t getting enough natural light; You also won’t enjoy your home office if it doesn’t have these things and it could make it feel stuffy or constricting.

Some solutions to this include buying full-spectrum lights and having at least two air-purifying plants in your home office. The light will keep you alert, focused and happy and the plants will supply you with vital pure oxygen to keep you calm. The plants can also bring about a certain energy to the office that refreshes your energy and the overall feeling of your office, as well as making it feel more natural and comfortable.

Place Your Desk With Feng Shui Practices in Mind to Promote Successful Energy

An essential part of feng shui office design is positioning your desk correctly into the feng shui commanding desk position to draw in more successful and productive energies into the work area. This practice focuses on making sure that your back isn’t facing your door and keeping your desk in a position where it’s as far away from the door as possible. You should also make sure your desk isn’t in a position where it will be facing a wall; If your desk has to face the wall, you can use large pieces of art to make it feel like the wall is “not there.”

Different Areas in the Office Should Be Designed Differently When Practicing Feng Shui Design

With feng shui, there are three separate and meaningful spaces in your home office that you should treat properly when decorating to properly promote feng shui energy. These areas are:

  • The south area, which should promote fame and reputation. The element in this area is fire, so use colors like red, pink and purple; You should also avoid mirrors, the color blue and images of water.
  • The north area, represented by water, should focus on your career and overall accomplishments in life. Items in this area should represent water and metal and you should also place inspirational images linked to your professional life in white or black frames.
  • The south-east area, representing wood, which focuses on abundance and prosperity. You should use images and items that speak of wealth and use wooden items to promote these feelings in this area.


If you keep feng shui in mind when designing your home office, you could easily find yourself being more productive and calm while working. If you want to learn some more feng shui tips, check out Super Modern’s blog post (https://supermodern.bauhaus2yourhouse.com/feng-shui-home-office/) on the topic.

Article by:

Jessica Kane
Freelance Copywriter and SEO Specialist