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It might be strenuous to remove an outdated bathtub or toilet from the house. Bathtubs and toilets typically require that they be gently uninstalled, broken up, and transported to a disposal or recycling facility. All of these procedures take a bit of time, and the expense of disposing of them is also involved.

Yet, professional junk removal services in your area can facilitate the procedure. You may contact junk collection crews all around the country who are available for same-day junk collection services, including the removal of bathtubs and toilets. Moreover, professional junk collectors can remove toilets and bathtubs, including

  • Porcelain toilets
  • Bidets
  • Walk-in bathtubs
  • Therapeutic tubs
  • Whirlpool tubs
  • Clawfoot tubs
  • Steel tubs
  • Fiberglass tubs

Additional bathroom items, including vanity units and water basins, will also be removed by a junk removal company. In this article, we are going to explain how to dispose of your old bathtub.


What Is a Junk Removal Team?

Local rubbish removal professionals are willing, eager, and capable of helping remove trash from your home, even bathtubs and toilets. In a nutshell, junk removal services remove your waste. Junk hauling companies will remove your

  • Large bags of clothing
  • Obsolete appliances
  • Rubbish
  • Debris

When you need to get dispose of some junk but lack the resources or the means to carry it, you may contact a junk collectors agency. The majority of junk collectors near you will send a specialist to your home to inspect stuff that needs to be taken away. Moreover, it gives you an estimate before setting up a time to go transport it away. Some junk haulers finish this practice in one day. Depending on any time constraints you may have, pick a company.

Professional junk removal services dispose of your junk as responsibly as they can. This entails

  • Recycling some objects
  • Donating
  • Disposing


Best 4 Easy Ways to Dispose of Your Old Bathtub

When you don’t have to maintain bathtubs, they make excellent investments. Whenever the moment arises, either dispose of it or upgrade it. It can be challenging to disassemble and remove your bathtub on your own.

You must completely dismantle the bathtub before removing it from the house. Not to mention that after it is disassembled, several pieces and parts need to be appropriately disposed of.

For example, a few pieces of an old tub contain harmful materials. Thus, these materials cannot be disposed of in a standard landfill. So, you should know where and how to dispose of such parts.

Sometimes, if you disassemble your bathtub quickly, it won’t fit within your family automobile, no matter how big the car is. So, what happens when it’s time to get rid of your old bathtub? To assist you, we have explained the easy ways to dispose of your old bathtub.


1. Trade-in

Whenever you decide to purchase a new bathtub, you must ask your local dealer if they have any trade-in deals available. Many dealers provide excellent possibilities for trade-ins. Moreover, they will give you a discount on the new bathtub of your choice.

Dealerships typically restore used bathtubs and resell them for lower prices. A good, hassle-free method to swiftly and effectively dispose of your bathtub is to exchange it. It’s a condition where everyone benefits.


2. Sell It Yourself

You may try to sell an old bathtub online. It is a fantastic alternative to throwing it away yourself and avoiding adding to the waste stream. You may readily market it digitally to possible customers with the aid of many wonderful websites because someone is constantly seeking a fantastic offer.

We’re confident that you’ll attract a few prospective clients. If your bathtub is in good condition, then you ought to be able to sell it for a fair sum, which you can keep in your pocket or use to purchase a new one.


3. Junk Removal Company

Hiring a disposal firm to remove your bathtub for you can save you a great deal of time. The majority of disposal firms buy bathtubs intending to refurbish or recycle the salvageable pieces. The advantage of disposal businesses is that junk haulers truck it away, so you aren’t required to.

Moreover, to have your bathtub removed from your home, be willing to pay. Suppose you manage to make the task of running the disposal business easier. You will save more money on disposal, though, it would be beneficial if you made every effort to have your bathtub ready for disposal. What one could do is:

  • Turn off the powers
  • Remove the water and allow the appliance to air dry
  • Make a path free of debris, such as furniture or other stuff, so that the bathtub may be removed
  • Ensure the bathtub can be dragged around the exterior of your home. If a crane is required for the process, it will cost a lot of money


4. Do It Yourself

You can surely dispose of a bathtub yourself, as was already mentioned. Yet, if you choose this course, safety must come first. In all situations, gloves and eye protection should be used. The best way to DIY your bathtub disposal is as follows:

  • Read the guidebook.
  • Empty and dry the bathtub, then disconnect the water lines from it.
  • Lights and other components that can be removed should all be removed.
  • Split the acrylic in the region into manageable bits.
  • Divide the foam by removing it from the vinyl layer and cutting it.

You will face expenses and rewards regardless of the choice you make. You can quickly dispose of your bathtub if you are at all well-informed.



An old bathtub in the apartment could be challenging to take out. Bathtubs often need to be removed gently, separated, and taken to a landfill or recycling center. Each of these processes requires some time, and there is also the cost of disposal.


Finally, professional junk removal services in your area can facilitate the procedure. Local junk collection professionals are capable of helping remove trash from your home, even bathtubs and toilets. Thus, you may contact junk collection crews all around the country who are available for junk collection services, including the removal of bathtubs.