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Generally, a home is one of the most significant assets. Thus, it’s critical to provide regular maintenance, repairs, and renovations in order to sustain or increase the value of your property. In this case, the best handyman can help keep up with your home’s maintenance schedule and fix up natural wear and tear and potential damages to your home.

But how do you find the right handyman for your needs? This article will walk you through all the details and factors to consider in finding a reliable and trustworthy handyman. You’ll also learn the fundamentals of what it takes to be a handyman, as well as the skills and services they may offer.


Handyman: What Is It And How To Become One?

A handyman is a skilled person who can perform a broad range of home repairs and improvement tasks. They are considered the ‘jack-of-all-trades’ since they can work on electrical, plumbing, woodworking, painting, and other typical home maintenance duties.

They may be self-employed or employed by a company with a high demand for maintenance skills. Individual handymen are most suitable if the home improvement task may be too much to do-it-yourself (DIY) but not big enough to call for a general contractor.

In general, no formal education is required to work as a handyman. And there are a variety of ways to become one. Most people complete a vocational school program or practical courses in specific crafts. Then, they work to expand their skill set. Some handymen begin their careers as apprentices or assistants. And others participate for charitable construction projects or work on their own homes to learn about home maintenance and improvement.

However, you should keep in mind that the state in which they live may require them to obtain a license in order to work as a handyman. They must have the proper license and insurance if they work for a company.


What Is The Role Of A Handyman? 9 Different Types Of Handyman Services

Handyman, as a skilled ‘jack-of-all-trades,’ can provide numerous services. Among these are, but are not limited to:


1. Plumbing

Plumbing issues, varying from the constant faucet drips and leaks to the mold that comes with excess water are among the most common problems encountered by homeowners. A handyman can help find the actual leak and provide the necessary repairs on your pipes and water using fixtures and appliances.

They can also provide common plumbing-related services including the installation of bathroom and kitchen hardware like showerheads and faucets, the application or removal of caulking in bathrooms and kitchens, and minor waterproofing jobs.


2. Tile Repair

General handyman services often perform tile repair and installation. They have the necessary tools and skills to ensure precise tile layout and installation while causing no additional damage to surrounding areas. This kind of service often applies to all kinds of tiles including flooring, showers, and backsplashes. They may also provide tile maintenance services including cleaning of tiles and re-application of grout and caulking.


3. Paint Job

If you’re getting your walls fixed, consider applying a new coat of paint on top. Hiring a handyman can also help handle your painting jobs more efficiently. They can do the job much quicker and ensure excellent details and even finish throughout your wall or any other surface that needs to be painted.


4.  Furniture Assembly

If you purchased a piece of furniture that requires assembly, a handyman can be of great help. A handyman can offer services such as mounting TCs, installing closet organizers, hanging mirrors and pictures, and assembling furniture like tables, desks, shelves, beds, and more.


5.  Drywall Repair

Another common task of a professional handyman may specialize in the installation or repair of drywall during a home remodeling project or after a water damage restoration job.

They have the equipment needed to measure, cut, install or replace drywall boards in homes with precision and skills. They’re also the ones to call when you need to patch a hole, remove old wallpaper or repair a nail pop.

To learn more about drywall repair, watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gzRsSxD1D4M.


6.  Electrical Tasks

A handyman with the necessary skills in electrical systems can also offer minor electrical services. This may include installing a ceiling fan or new light fixture, replacing a lightbulb, upgrading or changing smoke or carbon monoxide detectors, and installing home security cameras.


7. Carpentry

Some minor carpentry tasks can also be provided by a reliable handyman. Services may include building bookshelves, cabinetry, and storage solutions, repairing or installing ready-made cabinets, replacing doors or adding a pet door, repairing or replacing baseboards and door or window trip, and the like.


8. Home Upgrade Installations

A handyman may also help you with the project, depending on the upgrade you want. For instance, if you’re into a smart home upgrade, a handyman can help plan and install several smart home devices including sensors and thermostats.

Or if you decided to live with your parents, you may also call them for senior-specific home upgrades. They can help in the installation of grab bars, walk-in tubs, stairlifts, shower seats, ramps, motion-sensor faucets, and other accessibility projects.


9.  Exterior Work

A handyman may also provide outside home maintenance, installation, and repairs as needed. They can offer anything from gutter and roof cleaning and repair to exterior paint jobs to general yard and garden projects to gate and fence repairs.

Choosing A Handyman: 5 Tips And Factors To Consider

1. Define The Scope Of Work

The first thing is to make a list of all the home maintenance and repairs that need to be done regularly. You may want to hire a handyman for your ongoing and future home improvement needs, so make sure to include possible work you’ll need in the future.

2.  Know Where To Look

To find the right handyman for your home repair needs, you need to know where to look. That said, there are two main places where you can start your search.

3.  Family Member, Relative, Close Friend, Or Neighbors

Talk to the people in your close circle and check if they know any handyman they would recommend. Most of them probably hired outside help at least once or twice for their home improvement projects and can therefore provide a dependable recommendation.

Asking the people closest to you is perhaps the best way to find a good handyman since they’re referred by the people you already know.

4.  Online

Most handymen now have their own websites where they advertise their services. So, a quick Google search can instantly provide you with potential handyman services near you.

Aside from Google search results, you can also visit online business review websites such as Angie’s List or HomeAdvisor, which offer a directory of numerous types of service professionals including reputable handymen.

In addition, review websites like Yelp can provide you with a list of potential handyman services in your area, along with comprehensive reviews from previous clients. You can also find a reliable handyman by searching on social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. Most of them have a social presence on these platforms to gain a wider audience reach.

Other places where you can find handymen include community home repair forums and bulletin boards at the local hardware stores. Another effective method of finding a reliable handyman is to contact a local real estate company or agent. In general, realtors often collaborate with handymen to help their clients get minor repairs done when getting the home ready for sale. Thus, you can inquire about which handymen they’ve worked with and whether they would highly recommend them for your specific work requirement.

5.  Create A List

Make a list of potential candidates for each handyman you find during your search. Just make sure to prioritize the ones with the highest review ratings on your list to prevent you from getting overwhelmed. Also, trust your instinct and consider removing any handyman who you think will not meet your home repair needs.

In general, you should have a list of three to five handymen with whom you can talk to and compare. One of the best ways to narrow down your list is to request estimates from potential handymen. This can help you to compare prices and find the most competitive rate that best fits your budget.

6.  Start Interviewing And Comparing

Once you’ve compiled a list, it’s time to find out who’s the right person for the job as well as a potential regular handyman to call for long-term home repairs.

Below are the things and factors to consider when choosing the right handyman to hire.

7.  Check For Pending Complaints

Clients in the US can report contracted workers for lawsuits, scams, and other grievances via the Better Business Bureau (BBB). So, make sure to conduct some research on each of your top candidates. Hiring a handyman without doing your homework could lead to a major headache or leave you vulnerable to scams and theft.

8.  Interview Candidates

Consider setting up a personal meeting with potential handymen. It’s also the best time to discuss the project you’re hiring them for in greater detail. Furthermore, conducting a personal interview with potential handymen allows you to evaluate them on both a professional and personal level.

Make sure to come up with a list of relevant questions to ask the handyman, offering you better insights into their qualifications. For instance, some questions you may ask include, ‘What are the skills they have?’ or ‘How long they’ve been in the industry?’

9.  Are They Properly Insured?

In general, a handyman is not required to be licensed. Bonding is often only necessary on major home repair and improvement projects and full remodels. That said, you still want to choose a handyman with the necessary insurance.

At the very least, they should have general liability insurance. This is non-negotiable since it protects you against legal responsibility in case an accident occurs on your property. A worker’s compensation insurance is also a must if they have other handymen working under them.

10.  Request A List Of References

Any reputable handyman won’t think twice to provide you with references you can contact for insights into their work and professionalism. Handymen who can easily provide their own set of references are a safe bet.

It’s also beneficial in your decision-making if a handyman can provide you with several photos of similar jobs they’ve finished in the past.

11.  Ask For Service Warranty

Most handymen offer homeowners a written warranty or guarantee on their work. This means that if something goes wrong with the repair or installation job or the problem re-occurs within a specified period, the handyman will return and fix the problem at no additional cost.

A warranty is a sign of good faith and is generally useful in distinguishing honest handymen from dishonest ones. So, if the handyman provides warranties on their services, you can rest assured that the project is in good hands.

12.  Make A Written Record Of Everything

Once you’ve settled on a candidate, it’s time to create a formal contract to seal the deal. Ask them to draw up a written agreement that states the job details, cost breakdown, payment schedule, and general timeframe.

Go over the written agreement with your handyman to go over each provision and confirm it. Don’t sign the contract unless you’re satisfied with the terms provided.

It’s important to always have a contract even for small weekend jobs. Essentially, a contract states that the handyman promises to perform a set of agreed-upon duties for a predetermined amount of money in a specified timeframe. This document is critical in case a dispute arises between you and the handyman.


Your home is your sanctuary. But, alongside the functionality and comfort of your home comes the responsibility for regular and consistent maintenance–from minor checking and repairs to major renovations.

And the best handyman can provide the right skills, tools, and efficiency to keep your home in pristine condition for many years to come. That said, make sure to follow the tips above to find the best handyman available.