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When you experience a clogged drain, do you need to call your plumber? Or, can you try some methods the pros use to unclog your drain on your own? Typically, homeowners try some DIY options before dialing their phone to call in an expert. But after applying some elbow grease and common tools like plungers and manual drain snakes, you may have to make the call. When you do, your plumber has a wide variety of tools at their disposal.


What causes a drain to clog?

There are a number of reasons why a drain can clog. After all, we cram toilet paper, pasta, chicken fat, soaps and many other things into our household pipes on a daily basis. A drain can clog in the toilet, bathroom sink, kitchen garbage disposal, bathtub, shower, laundry room, dishwasher or even outside in the yard. Wherever you have a drain, there is potential for this problem to occur.


Enzyme-Based Drain Cleaner

When your plunger and other DIY efforts fail, you may soon have to call a plumber. But you can extend the potential for drain clearing success by trying some methods the pros use. It is just very important to never give into pouring drain-clearing chemicals in your drain. These are bad for the environment, your plumbing and your health. Instead, try using an enzyme-based drain cleaner that uses natural bacteria instead of dangerous chemicals.

Manual and Motorized Drain Snakes

Having a drain snake on hand is a great idea for breaking up some of your own plumbing clogs. You can try the manual snake first, particularly on localized clogs like you typically find in the bathtub drain. If the manual option does not work, your plumber’s motorized one might do the trick.


A motorized drain snake is typically used on your outdoor sewer cleanout port. This motorized auger can usually reach about 150 feet to clear large clogs.


Drain Cameras

Plumbers typically try to find a difficult blockage through use of a high-definition drain and sewer line camera. This camera finds complete clogs deeper in the sewer line. Using the camera, your plumber can see your pipe structure and precisely what has caused the clog. This further enables them to use the right resources for clog breakup and removal.



Hydro-jetting machines are even more useful than plumbing snakes and drain cameras. This high-pressure water jet flushes out years of built-up grime that forms a clog over the long term. It can wash away grease, soap and debris. The machine can force 35,000 pounds per square inch of water power into a clog and clear the pipe of residue. As a result, your pipe is left as clean as a new one.


Know When to Call Your Plumber for Help

Unfortunately, it seems clogged drains and leaking pipes happen at the worst time of day or when you have a jam-packed schedule. This can make you put in some extra effort to try to clear the clog on your own. But no matter how hard you try, you may face a clog you cannot break up without expert help.


Plumbers understand the urgent nature of a clogged drain or pipe. This is why most provide on-call duty and after-hour service. Although you pay an added fee for an emergency call on holidays, weekends or nights, you may have no choice if you cannot clear the clog, yourself. When you do make that call, turn to someone you can trust. Check out their online reviews and other ratings for customer feedback. If you have friends or family in your area, ask them for a recommendation to a great plumber they trust.


Ultimately, professionally licensed plumbers have the experience and equipment to quickly resolve your drain clog problem. Call one today for emergency service or to schedule your appointment.