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Many homeowners wonder how often they should clean their exterior windows. But few realize that any DIY cleaning can make windows dirtier over time. As strange as this sounds, it is true. Read more about window cleaning below, to understand when to have your windows cleaned and who should do the work.


DIY Window Washing Can Make Exterior Windows Dirtier

Did you know that using detergent or even household glass cleaners on your exterior windows can cause them to attract more dirt? These chemicals leave a sticky residue that holds dirt and dust in place. With every blowing wind, your recently cleaned windows just get dirtier. To avoid this problem, you have to ensure you properly rinse the detergent away.


Washing your own exterior windows can also be frustrating, physically demanding and messy. Water ricochets from brick or siding onto the window panes, taking dirt with the water and onto your cleaned panes. Using a power washer gets this dirty water everywhere and can even tear through screens. In fact, power washers frequently break through glass.


One of the worst issues of DIY window work is spending all day under the hot sun to get the job done, only to see streaks and detergent marks from the inside of your home as you look through the glass. Why bother cleaning them at all, if your freshly washed windows are going to be cloudy or streaked?

How often do you need your exterior windows cleaned?

If you live in a region with an average annual rainfall, you can get away with booking professional window cleaning once every six months to two years. But if you live in a wetter region with frequent rains and snowfall, expect to call these experts more often. The same is true if you live near a construction site, open farmlands or production facility.


Anyone who wants their home to have great curb appeal typically schedules an appointment with the window washing experts three or more times per year. But this can vary according to multiple factors. Some need their windows cleaned as often as monthly.


Points to Remember about Having Your Exterior Windows Cleaned

If the following points are valid about your home, consider more frequent window washing, than the typical one to three times per year:


Frequent Rains

If you live in an area with frequent rainfall, have your windows cleaned before the rainy season and at its end. Doing so before the rain starts removes dirt and dust residue that is damaging your glass. When the season ends, you need to wash away the residue of acid rain pollution and other contaminants.


Nearby Factories

Factories often operate at greater volume during certain times each year. If you live near a production facility with a busy season, have your windows washed at the season’s end. This choice removes production dust and other residue related to the factory’s heavier output.


Problem Windows

Many homes have particular windows that get dirtier faster than others. For example, if some windows are adjacent to a dirt road, passing vehicles can create dirt clouds that adhere to your window panes. The same is true of a window adjacent to a tree that disperses pollen heavily in spring. Have these windows cleaned more often to protect the glass and bring in the sunshine.


Selling Your Home

When putting your home on the market, book a window cleaner to help impress potential home buyers. Leaving dirt and dust on your glass makes visitors believe you have not cared well enough for your home. It also makes it harder for them to envision their new life in your house, an essential factor in any home-buying decision.


Property Evaluation

Before a property evaluation, have your windows professionally washed. You can help push the property value upward with sparkling windows.