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More than 20,000 people from the Greater Rochester and Finger Lakes Region came out to tour the six homes built at WaterSong in Penfield during the 9+ day event. Homearama sneak previews were given to area REALTORS® and of course to members of both the Rochester Home Builders’ Association and Upstate Building Industry Alliance prior to the show opening to the public for a nine-day stretch.

With five Rochester area custom home builders crafting the six homes, there was a nice diversity of design to compliment the community.  For Homearama, each builder selects all of their team partners that help create the end result for all to see. The builder’s professional partners include all aspects of the industry including skilled masons, framing carpenters, electricians, HVAC installers, roofers, siders and more.  Inside, the homes were buzzing with activity leading up to the event with the cabinetry, flooring, tile, furnishing and decorator professionals who put in all the finishing touches that the public is so anxious to see and experience.

Hundreds of people were kept busy in the months, weeks and days before the event opened to the public. It is such a great sight to see so many people working and to realize the economic benefit this activity has on the area.  We hope you enjoyed touring the homes and attending Homearama 2018.  We look forward to bringing the event back to you again soon!

Remember, when you are looking for a professional to do work in or around your home, or products for your DIY project, look to the members of the Rochester Home Builders’ Association and the Upstate Building Industry Alliance. You’ll find them all at www.FindTheHomePros.com.

For a look back at Homearama 2018 visit www.Facebook.com/rochesterhomebuilders