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Our members use wood for lots of things.  Even if they are not building things with wood, they might have products shipped to them on wood (pallets).
Using scraps of wood or pallet wood is a great way to keep that wood from going to waste. And it’s inexpensive (free!).  Most of our members recycle their building materials; n fact a number of our members are Certified Green Professionals.  They earned this designation through the National Association of Home Builders education and training programs.

If you want to try your hand at using salvaged/leftover/scrap wood for a project, here are a few ideas (not mine) for the holidays.   I’m not very ‘crafty’, but there are lots of others out there who are, and lucky for all of us they like to share their ideas!  Heck, they’ll even tell you how exactly to make stuff!  Here are just a few ideas I found for quick and easy projects.  Find yourself some scrap wood and give it a try!  Even make a gift or two!

I found these easily on Pinterest.  The pine cones with pom poms glued to them is a project to keep the kids out of your hair while you get crafty! Search “wood crafts for the holidays” to find these (and their crafty original creators) and much more!