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We were looking for something to post on our blog about Independence Day. Apple pie …. the American dream of homeownership…. Then this piece crossed our desk. This was written by Paul A. Kane, the Vice President of the Tulsa, Oklahoma Home Builders Association. We thought he summed it up quite well. Happy 4th of July everyone.

Home is the most popular, and will be the most enduring of all earthly establishments.
   — Channing Pollock

In January, the HBA (Home Builders Association of Oklahoma) lost one of its most enduring and endearing members “Ray”. At his funeral, the eulogy, given by a Reverend of St. John’s Episcopal Church, was touching and inspirational. He made several scriptural references to the attempts to describe and define heaven. Ultimately, the description which seemed most comforting is that of the “House of God” or “coming home”. From this, the Reverend, touched upon the importance of home, and what home means to people. Naturally this turned into a beautiful segue into Ray’s life as a “home builder”.

    I was moved by this analogy. We are not known as the Dwelling Builders Association or the Structure Builders. We are the Home Builders Association. On the surface it may appear that home is synonymous with house. But, of course, it’s not. The concept of home conjures emotions, not just a vision of a structure. Home is a place of comfort and security. A person’s home is often not only the biggest financial investment many will make, but the most emotional as well. Home is where we grew up, and where we, in turn, raise our own families. I’m sure that the Reverend would agree with the quote of Charles Parkhurst: “Home is heaven for beginners.”

    The HBA and many of its members often get jabs from those in our community who disfavor progress and growth. The term “home builders” is sometimes said with some disdain as if the HBA is the epicenter of “good-ol-boyism” and greed. I find these characterizations to be ironic and misdirected. I would guess that every one of these protagonists live in a home that was built by a home builder. Perhaps home builders are like politicians in that they are all viewed as crooked, except for the one who built MY house. My time here at the HBA has exposed me to some of the nicest, most honorable and ethical people I have met in my life.

    We should all be proud to be connected to the industry which builds homes; that bit of heaven on earth. It is both an honor and a responsibility that we are the industry that provides the shelter and comfort for countless families.

    Since I’m on a roll with quotations, I’ll end this month’s offering with another one. I found this quote on the Internet, and it is attributed to “Anonymous”:


What is home?
A roof to keep out the rain? Four walls to keep out the wind? Floors to keep out the cold? Yes, but home is more than that. It is the laugh of a baby, the song of a mother, the strength of a father, warmth of loving hearts, lights from happy eyes, kindness, loyalty, comradeship. Home is first school and first church for young ones, where they learn what is right, what is good, and what is kind, where they go for comfort when they are hurt or sick; where joy is shared and sorrow eased; where fathers and mothers are respected and loved, where children are wanted; where the simplest food is good enough for kings because it is earned; where money is not as important as loving-kindness; where even the tea kettle sings from happiness. That is home. God bless it!