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The Rochester Home Builders’ Association began its Contractor Referral Program earlier this year because we saw a need in the community. More and more calls were coming in to the office from homeowners who didn’t know where to begin looking for quality, professional contractors to do work in and around their home.

We decided it was time to reach out to the community to see how we might help. The Contractor Referral Program is completely free. Homeowners simply enter information about the work they need to be done and submit the form online. The staff at the Rochester Home Builders’ Association then gets busy sending out that information to members that might be able to help complete that work.

If all goes well, the homeowner will receive at least two or three calls from prospective contractors. From there they can meet with them, get quotes, and determine the best contractor to fill their needs. The feedback we have received has been very positive. Homeowners like that they submit the information once, and contractors wishing to know more about the project call them. (It sure beats making a dozen outgoing calls and not finding the right person for the job!)

We are working out a few bugs…. Such as getting our more than 300 members to understand the program and to look for these “Potential Work Opportunity” emails in their inbox… but overall the program is moving along quite well! We hope you’ll give it a try next time you have a remodeling job or home improvement of any kind that you need done. We have professionals for landscaping, plumbing, electrical work… windows, doors, siding and roofing… bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, whole new additions… painting, planting, flooring and so much more!

And remember too that the RHBA is a trade organization. Professionals of every kind in the industry are members and we are always looking for more professionals to join our ranks. Do you know someone who might benefit from membership? Give us a call!