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When choosing a place to retire, you will want to consider your budget, interests, taxes, housing, and accessibility to medical care. Many retirees find that places in Florida, South Carolina, and New York are best suited to all aspects of retirement. Whether you dream of living in the Empire state or you can’t wait to escape to warm beaches, here is a list of the best East Coast cities to spend your later years.

  1. Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville is a perfect place to relocate to because you get all of the warm weather, sunshine, and pretty stretches of beach associated with the Sunshine State without the high cost of living in cities like Tampa and Miami. This coastal city in northeast Florida is located near Orlando and St. Augustine, two of Florida’s most popular destinations. The city offers plenty of things to do, including a number of signature golf courses (several of which are run by the famous Hampton.Golf), and the cost of living here is 10% lower than Miami.

Many of Florida’s residents are retirees; 20.6% of Jacksonville’s residents are over the age of 60. Healthcare options, affordable housing, and a slew of outdoor sports make this Florida city one of the best places to live after retiring. Jacksonville also has a low crime rate, giving it added safety so you can live peacefully.

  1. Fairport, New York

Fairport is the “Crown Jewel of the Erie Canal” and one of the best places to retire. Located in the suburbs of Rochester, seniors make up 21.6 percent of the population.

The Big Apple isn’t located far off, so you can always take a day trip into the city. Competition for housing and recreation center usage is low. If you need medical assistance, the University of Rochester Medical Center is close by.

  1. Charleston, South Carolina

Also, known as the “Holy City,” Charleston was founded in 1670 and is oozing with beauty. Picture Spanish moss and meticulously preserved historic buildings, and you are thinking of Charleston. This city has the second-largest seaport in the United States a booming tourist industry.

The Hilton Head area is where many retirees are choosing to live. All types of housing are available here, from retirement communities to condos and houses. Retirees can expect a charming, peaceful life in Charleston; it was dubbed as the United States’ most polite city. The weather here is warm, but the winters are colder than in Florida.

  1. Wilmington, North Carolina

After a growth spurt in the 1990s, charming and historic Wilmington became one of the best places to retire. With its mile-long Riverwalk and the USS North Carolina war memorial, Wilmington is teeming with plenty of interesting sights and activities.

The beaches provide a sandy oasis if you so desire; Wilmington is sandwiched between the Atlantic Ocean and the Cape Fear River. Its proximity to the water makes it a beachcomber’s dream and a seafood lover’s delight. If you love the theater, you are in luck; regional theaters, production studios, and a performing arts center reside here.

You can have peace of mind knowing that the regional medical center is located nearby. Wilmington is also one of North Carolina’s financial hubs.

  1. Seaford, Delaware

Located on the Delmarva Peninsula, Seaford offers retirees low taxes and plenty to do. If you have never visited Delmarva, living here can seem worlds away from life on the mainland. Connected by two bridges, the Chesapeake Bay Bridge in the north, and the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel at the southernmost point in Virginia, you will find that getting from Seaford to the rest of the country is easy.

Seaford offers a quiet retreat where parks are abundant. It’s close to the Harrington Raceway and Casino where you will find ample entertainment and dining options. Seaford isn’t far from the popular beaches of Delaware and Maryland like Rehoboth and Ocean City. Best of all, there is no sales tax!

Kim Harington is a content writer in Jacksonville, FL for DAGMAR Marketing. She specializes in writing for home builders, moving specialists, and HVAC companies.