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It seems to many owners that doing repairs in the apartment on their own is not such a bad idea. There is no need to argue with the builders and clarify issues. You only need to buy all the necessary building materials and get to work. In this way, you can save on labor costs, and you can also make repairs much faster than a construction team. However, such a naive approach can play a trick on you if you do not have the skills of a professional builder.

You may not only face the fact that the repair will drag on for many months or years, but you may also face health problems. Improper load on the spine and lifting of heavy building materials may result in you needing medical advice or massage therapy. One of the best, in this case, is the hot stone massage in Dubai. Professional specialists with many years of experience will be able to offer the most effective course of hot stone treatment.

In this article, we will talk about why you should not do the flat renovations yourself.


You need more time

Residents of apartment buildings know what it’s like to have neighbors who spend months and years renovating their apartments, constantly drilling walls. You have every chance to become the most unwanted neighbor.

First of all, to do everything quickly, you must have an unlimited supply of time. If you make repairs on weekends or for two weeks during your vacation, then such repairs will drag on for a long time.

Even if you have assistants, they are unlikely to be professional builders who know how and what to do. If you are not doing this alone, then there will always be something to distract you. You will discover a million small problems that will need to be addressed momentarily to continue to do repairs.


Master of none

Laying the parquet floor or painting walls can be quite easy. However, these are only the simplest tasks that will await you. When doing electrical work or when installing plumbing, you will need professional and practical skills that you do not have. In this regard, you cannot do without the help of an experienced specialist.

If you decide to do it yourself by reading articles on the Internet or watching videos on YouTube, then you run the risk of spoiling everything that you have done before, or it can be simply dangerous.

No desired result

When you do something for yourself, you are sure that you will do it correctly and with high quality. However, we often look at it through rose-colored glasses. In this connection, you run the risk of finding a low-quality result that will lead you to resentment. This will mean not only your frustration but also the repair that must be done once again.



Most owners start an independent apartment renovation because of their enthusiasm. It seems to you that you have the desire, strength, and money to fulfill your dream. However, when you start to face the slightest problems, there is a huge risk of losing this desire to do something.

If you go to your main job from 9 to 5, and then try to do repairs in the evening or continue to do it on the weekend, then you simply do not have the strength to do something. That is why repairs can take years.


Imaginary savings

When you call a construction team, it seems that you will spend a fabulous amount of money, not counting the purchase of building materials. However, if you put on the scale quickly completed work, high quality, your free time for rest, and the amount of money spent on repairs, then you will see that you can save even more.



If you are going to start repairing an apartment on your own, you need to soberly evaluate the pros and cons. Evaluate the entire front of the work, and then you can decide whether you can do it yourself.