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With the heartbreaking devastation in Oklahoma, many of us wonder what we can do to help. We think of the lives that have changed forever and the rebuilding that will need to be done. But right now, that community is dealing with life and death issues. I just received a call from the Red Cross wanting to know if we (the Rochester Home Builders’ Association) will be holding our annual blood drive again this summer. (Of course we will!)

And then it occurred to me that blood is something we all have plenty of, and something we can give right now, today. The Red Cross has locations in your community. Your donation costs only about one hour of your time, and each pint of blood can help multiple people. When a community suffers a devastating disaster with injuries, there surely is not enough blood on hand to help all those injured people. Maybe your blood won’t go to those people in Oklahoma, but it will likely help someone, some place. (For those of you who cannot donate blood, consider asking the Red Cross what else you might do to help out at a blood drive location)

And just in case you don’t get the opportunity to donate soon, our blood drive is Tuesday, August 27th. Hope to see you then.