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There was over a foot of newly fallen snow outside my door this morning. Do you know shoveling is fantastic exercise? (Let’s try to look at the bright side) Really though, it sure was beautiful out there early this morning. All the snow clinging to the trees and not a foot print in the snow. I have to share the images with you. Click here to have a look. Obviously, there are lots of people that find Upstate New York beautiful in the winter months. If you already live here and love the change of seasons like I do, you’ll appreciate these images. If you don’t live here, and have never been to visit us in the winter months this is what you are missing!

The Rochester and Finger Lakes Region is truly a beautiful place to live and play year round. If you have not yet embraced the cold winter months, this could be the year! Bundle up and head out to explore. Seriously people, if you are dressed for the weather, you’ll find it is a lot of fun to take a walk in newly fallen snow. And for those of you wanting a little more of an ‘off road experience’, snow shoes are back in style. I’ve even seen them on the shelves of the local ‘warehouse food chains’.

Whether it’s a walk in the snow, downhill or cross country skiing or sledding with friends, get out there and embrace the winter months! Have fun!