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Making a small home with minimal storage space work for you can be a difficult and frustrating experience. It can also be a creative and rewarding one if you’re willing to do some out-of-the-box thinking. If you’re worried about money or have a limited budget, rest assured that there are plenty of good ideas for making the most of the space you have and creating new ways to store belongings, all while maintaining a beautiful and appealing living environment. Here are a few money-saving ideas to help you maximize the space you have.

Multipurpose Bed

Your bed can easily be made into a multitasking space-saver with a few adjustments. It’s a great option because the bedroom is one room that’s often short on storage space. A storage bed can provide up to two dozen cubic feet of storage for clothing, books, and various bedroom miscellanea. No more worrying about reaching underneath to clean up clumps of hair and accumulated dust, and no need to store clothing in hard-to-reach spots — the storage bed does it all. If you’re looking to add this handy item to your bedroom, remember to keep an eye out for deals on Amazon. You can use Amazon coupon codes to save you some money.

Versatile Ottoman

Combining furniture and storage is a cost-efficient way to make the most of your available space. Consider adding an ottoman or footstool with a lift-top and room for magazines, placemats, coasters, and even comforters or small blankets. Also, it doubles as seating space or a very comfortable place to rest your feet when you need to stretch out after a long day. Look for leather or microfiber material, which will save money by making it last longer and wear better if you have pets. Before you purchase one, look for deals at stores such as Bed, Bath, and Beyond to keep this item within your budget.

Add a Wall-Mounted TV Cabinet

Do you have one of those dens or living rooms that make it difficult to find appropriate space and comfortable placement for a TV? If a large (and expensive) wall-mounted television isn’t in your budget, what about a wall-mounted TV cabinet that can accommodate a smaller TV, look nice and save space by including room for DVDs, cords, and other equipment. It’s a good way to economize — you won’t need to empty the piggy bank ponying up for a flat-screen TV you really can’t afford and probably don’t need, given your limited square footage.

Efficient Use of Wall Space

Even in a small home, there’s a lot of wall space that goes underutilized. Try thinking of it as a highly functional asset in an environment with very limited storage. Why not turn it into something useful, such as a cabinet or recessed chest of drawers built right into the wall. It’s pretty easy to do, though you’ll need to know where the studs are first. Recessed drawers will save a considerable amount of floor space that can be freed up for other uses.

Vertical Storage

When you moved into your small home, did you throw a housewarming party only to find there was no coat closet? How about a convenient, cost-effective, and space-saving coat rack? It’s a good example of efficient vertical storage, and you can find one that matches your decor beautifully at retailers like Lowes for less than $50.

Making effective and efficient use of limited storage space can be a challenge. However, it’s also fun coming up with new ways to store your belongings. By letting your imagination run wild, you may find yourself saving money as well as space.

Article provided by: Julian Lane
julian@thefixitchamp.com | thefixitchamp.com

Image courtesy of Pexels.com