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Why not up the ante and take your kitchen up a step? You can easily do this by investing in some new tools and appliances. Of course, some will be more practical – one can never have enough toasters, can one? Others will be just a level up.

From a food processor to an electric wine opener, to an air fryer, Dutch oven and coffee machine, you can tap into the kitchen appliance market and choose options that’ll make your kitchen the one place to be. 

One tool you simply can’t do without in your kitchen is a decent knife, a cleaver knife for example. This knife can perform a variety of tasks, from slicing and dicing to chopping and mincing, making it an essential tool for any home cook. The Cooking Guild offers a variety of cleaver knives that you can explore by visiting their website.


Electric wine opener

Enjoying a glass of wine with dinner can sometimes be disrupted by a particularly stubborn cork. Rest assured that, with an electric wine opener, all that will be behind you.

Place the opener over the top of the bottle, press a button and, Pop!, it’s time to taste the wine.



Having a set of shiny, sharp knives is non-negotiable in your kitchen. Not all sets of knives include a cleaver, which is the one type of knife that makes preparing food a cinch. A cleaver is the perfect tool for preparing vegetables, cutting up meat and slicing and dicing.

A cleaver also makes a great carving knife for your Sunday roast, or the best knife to cut delicately through a chocolate cake.


Ice makers

With an ice maker in your kitchen, there is no need to rush out to the store to buy ice when it’s very hot: you can just do it all at home and produce ice-cold beverages at will.

An under counter ice maker fits discreetly into the cabinets around it and will produce large quantities of ice. Then there is the freestanding ice maker, which also produces a lot of ice. It needn’t stay in the kitchen, but can be installed anywhere in your home. Finally, there are the smaller, countertop (and portable) ice makers.


Food processor

If you are at all into baking, or want to dice and shred veggies, you need to get a food processor for your kitchen. You should think about it as an ‘all-min-one’ kitchen helper.

A food processor helps cut down the time it takes to prepare a meal. If you want to cut up vegetables, then use that adapter and get the machine going. You can also purée food, either for a baby, or for soup for the family. Mixing, blending and kneading are a cinch with a food processor, so it is the perfect baking buddy.


Air fryer

Think about how much power it takes to run your oven if you want to cook just a couple of chops. An air fryer is really a mini-oven, which will cook your roast or bake just as well and much more quickly.

Then, there are those French fries, or donuts you like to deep-fry in oil. You can also cook them in an air fryer, which is a much healthier option than using oil.


Dutch oven

Another option to using your oven all the time is to have a Dutch oven. The most popular versions are made out of enameled cast iron and will reach very high temperatures. The thickness of the iron means they can hold the heat.

Because it’s a stove top tool, you can use a Dutch oven on any type of hob, or even on the barbecue, if you want to entertain outside.


Electronic scale

One of the ultimate premium everyday kitchen tools must be an electronic scale. You’ll find it invaluable for baking, with the precise measurements you won’t get on a mechanical kitchen scale. This makes all types of baking much easier, as well as weighing quantities and portions of food.


Ice cream maker

If you are looking for perhaps the most exclusive kitchen tool, it surely has to be an ice cream maker. The trick with homemade ice cream is that it needs to be churned constantly, while being kept at the correct temperature. This is why an ice cream maker is a wonder.

To use a canister-style ice cream maker, you need to freeze the one compartment for at least 24 hours before you use it. If you like doing things off the cuff, then you’ll find a compressor type machine more adaptable, because you can just use it as it is.



As much as a food processor can blend things together, the function and end result are nothing like what you get out of a stand-alone blender. Buy an elegant countertop blender for your morning smoothies, lunchtime protein shakes and evening hearty soups. This has to be one of the most useful tools in your kitchen.


Coffee machine

No kitchen can possibly be considered to be elevated without a specialized coffee machine. Mornings are made richer and evenings more chilled with real coffee made at home.

At one end of the scale, you may have a drip coffee maker, which relies on time and patience to allow the water to drip through the ground coffee. At the other end of the spectrum, you’ll find a professional-style espresso machine, where coffee is no longer just coffee, but an experience of its own.