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(From the New York State Builders Association)

As the Code Council finally updates New York State’s Residential Code,  we hope they take into consideration the fact that 47 other states have chosen not to implement a fire sprinkler mandate in their residential code, including every state surrounding New York.

By mandating fire sprinklers, along with their added $10,000 – $20,000 cost, this would put New York State in a huge competitive disadvantage against our neighbors.

Last year Governor Cuomo signed legislation (that was overwhelmingly supported by both houses of the State Legislature) that requires homebuilders to provide paperwork to prospective buyers on the benefits and costs of installing fire sprinklers in their homes. This new law makes homebuilders the biggest promoters of fire sprinklers in New York State.  NYSBA and the New York State Association of Realtors (NYSAR) were the leading proponents of that legislation, because we believe in giving consumers all they need to make the best, informed decision on what they put in their home.

Siena Research Institute polled New Yorkers and found that an overwhelming 72% of residents in the regions that would be affected support this legislation over a fire sprinkler mandate. Why not take the logical approach and leave the choice for fire sprinklers up to the home buyer.

We need you to take a few minutes to fill out this Voter Voice, and let the Code Council know how mandating fire sprinklers in new homes will impact our economy and drive prospective home buyers out of our state.

Visit www.NYSBA.com, click on Legislation, then Voter Voice.  Be heard!

Or visit the NYSBA Facebook page for that Voter Voice link. Show your support of choice today!