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Are you a landlord or own rental property? As a landlord who rents out property, it’s natural that you strive for everything to move as quickly and efficiently as possible in the between-lease period. Let’s face it, the last thing you want to be doing is spending hours of your day focusing on the drawn-out mundane tasks, like deep cleaning, when you could be dedicating your time to your marketing efforts and securing a new lease.

Let’s answer the question in this post’s title immediately: yes, you can save time using end of lease cleaning companies like Sparkle and Shine. A lot of it. Here’s how:

 You’re leaving it to the experts

You might not consider yourself the worst cleaner in the world by any stretch. In fact, your attention to detail and obsession with perfection is probably one of the reasons why you fare so well in your career as a landlord. Those traits, however, do not necessarily make you a professional when it comes to deep cleaning.

You probably can’t do an expert-level thorough job without spending days, maybe even weeks, to reach completion. That time could have been spent focusing on other pressing tasks during the end of lease period. A professional cleaner has the skills and expertise to do a better job than you, faster, leaving you to get on with the business that matters.

Safety first

All good end of lease cleaning companies should be licensed to operate in your area (if required) and have proper insurances and training. There are steps required to set up a cleaning company. Home cleaners know everything there is to know about the trade and have a solid understanding of which cleaning materials and chemicals are safe and practical to use in your property.

If you’re attempting a deep clean yourself, it’s likely that having access to the newest, safest cleaning tools and equipment isn’t one of your top priorities. This may mean that you’re not following the safest procedures or using the proper chemicals or cleaning fluids to accomplish the jog – all of which may slow you down.

Cleaning is a process that takes a lot of energy and can feel frustratingly time-consuming. But rushing to get the job done can lead to incidents such as falls, burns and slips. You’re best leaving it to the experts who have each element of the job practiced to perfection and can work quickly without having to rush.

You’ll also be secure in knowing that the professional cleaners know which cleaning products are safe on certain surfaces so that you don’t ruin the finishes on bath fixtures, cabinetry or flooring.

You won’t have to repeat certain tasks

The problem with doing your end of lease cleaning yourself is that you’re likely to miss out on the smaller (but still important) tasks, like cleaning out the drains and wiping along your skirting boards. These jobs will have to be done eventually, which probably means having to rush back to the property to do some last-minute repeat cleaning before your tenants arrive.

There’s an easy way to prevent having to waste time doing last-minute cleans, and that’s hiring a professional to do a thorough job the first time around. End of lease cleaning companies know exactly what needs to be done to meet and surpass the standards of a clean rental home or apartment and will often involve multiple professionals to ensure each job is carried out in excellence.