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Solar power is the most reliable and inexpensive renewable energy source around the globe. Nowadays, the maximum number of people use solar power to have individual and eco-friendly energy solutions.


Most users ask about the productivity of solar panels while using them. The most common question they go over is: Do solar panels work in the shade? This is indeed a vital question as productivity relies on sunlight, and you might wonder that bright sunlight is required for solar panels.


The answer to the question is yes! But you won’t get the same energy production as you would get with sparkling sunlight. This is why you have to contemplate the roof’s place, areas, and position before mounting solar panels.


However, in this dissertation, we have demonstrated the effect of the shade on solar panels and shown how to get solar panel efficiency where there is a shading issue that you can’t ignore. So, stay with us and keep reading.


How Does the Shade Affect Solar Panels?

None can ignore the fact that the shade affects the solar panels. But, it only affects the solar panel’s energy production, not the body materials and structure. As we know, when a solar panel gets sunlight, the photovoltaic cells start producing electrical current and divert them to the DC [Direct current]. We would like to remind you that the energy conversion rate depends on the sunlight’s brightness.


For instance, a 100-Watt solar panel can be adequate for 250 Watt energy regularly under blazing sunlight. If you hold shading problems on your solar system, you have to expect less energy. It will stick around 150 to 180 Watts in a small-bond shade issue, and the supply can be reduced to 100 Watt too under an ample shade. That means the production rate will be only 40% or less.


Nevertheless, you’ll find Well- Built Solar Panels For Shaded Areas to use in the market now. These types of solar panels can produce sufficient energy even in low sunlight. Apart from that, if there is a cloudy environment in your area, they will be an ideal choice for sure.


What Causes Shading?

Several sources are the main reason for shading. These includes


  1. Cloudy Environment
  2. Trees
  3. Building and Roofing
  4. Presence of Other Solar Panels


1.  Cloudy Environment

It is a natural shading source that can affect the efficiency of solar panels. If you live in a place with unpredictable and hazardous weather, you might get the issue in the winter and rainy seasons. The shade is created during the rainy season due to clouds; on the other hand, snow is shading in winter.


As it is a natural source of shading, you can’t do anything with the problems to change it. So, it is better to enjoy rather than get bored. A powerful battery can be used to store power, in that case, to use later. You can also save energy from the hot summer day.


2.  Trees

Trees beside the areas of the solar system are another reason for shading that decreases the solar panel’s energy production. That’s why you have to mount a solar panel in an open place. Besides that, if there are trees around the solar system, leaves and branches can be hazardous too for the solar panels.


Trees can be the reason for headaches during the summer as they will block the sunlight and create shade. Similarly, they will be dangerous in bad weather as well. Keeping the facts in mind, everybody needs to install the solar panel in their house.


3.  Building & Roofing

The shades of buildings and roofing can affect the solar panel, and This problem occurs in densely populated areas. How does it happen? Well, the high-rise buildings block the sun and prevent sunlight from prosecuting the solar system. What can be the effective solution regarding the issue? You can select an open space, whether it is on the ground or roof. Make sure that where you have set up, the solar has sufficient sunlight from morning to afternoon. Fix the place relying on the place where you are inserting the solar panel.


4.  Presence of Other Solar Panel

Sometimes, solar systems are set up on a shared roof or ground in a series. It generally happens when you are using many solar panels from the same areas. This can create shades for each other. For example, the solar system from the east side will create shade in the morning, and the opposite will happen from the west in the afternoon. So, you should place the solar panel by understanding the shading issue. Never install a solar panel according to your wish.


Can Solar Panels Work in Shady Areas

The answer to the question is yes! The solar panels can work in the shade, but they will produce less electricity than they would under perfect conditions. The real impact of shading on the solar system relies on these factors.


Duration of Shading

If your solar panel stays a long time under the shade, the electricity production will drop to a more considerable extent. Keep in mind that the level of shade and sunlight will change day to day because of continuously changing the path of the sun’s rays.


 Technology Used In The Solar System

Different types of solar panels come with half-cut photovoltaic technology formed to alleviate the impact of partial shade. Regardless, this can’t go with the typical solar panels.


Inverter Setup

If an inverter is used, shade on a particular panel will decrease the power output for the complete solar array. On the contrary, using MLPEs microinverters or Direct Current power optimizers- shade on an individual panel has not pertained to other panels. It causes only a slight reduction in the energy produced.


Whatever, if you are determined to install solar panels, first inspect how much shade there will be on the place you have selected. If it is limited or partial shade, minimize your production losses by installing solar panels that have half-cut and connected to MLPESs. If you expect heavy shade on your roof, it is better to stay away from installing your solar panel in that place.


Impacts Caused By The Shade on Solar Panels

What can happen to your solar panel if there is shade on it? Most people don’t want to put concern on this subject. Let’s see the impacts that are caused by the shade on solar panels for an extended period.


★  Reduce Efficiency

The solar panels’ efficiency gets reduced due to shade and cannot get adequate energy from the solar system. Usually, you’ll have the half-energy from the system and create a negative emphasis on energy production. This effect directly impacts your device and appliances. You won’t be up to operating all the devices in the solar system simultaneously.  To get rid of the situation, try to install a solar panel where it will get bright sunlight.


★    Impact of Lifespan

As we said, a solar system under heavy shade cannot get enough sunlight for energy production. Thus, the solar cell’s electric movements start reducing. This entire procedure is destructive to a solar panel because it will shorten its life. When a solar panel gets sufficient sunlight, it produces a vast amount of energy, depending on its efficiency. But the rate of uncertain energy conversion can decrease the efficiency of the panel.


★  Cost You More

If you have a shade issue with your solar system, it will increase the cost. The question may come to your mind, how? Well, if there is a shade issue, you won’t get adequate energy and have to pay more electricity bills, right? Besides, the system won’t be able to generate the extra energy that you confer the grid. So, your cost will be increased at the end of the month.


Tips to Improve Solar Panel Efficiency

How to improve the solar panel efficiently if there is shading in your location? We have presented here 3 productive tips that will aid you in improving solar panel efficiency.


  • You can use a String Inverter that helps manage the solar panel in a parallel series to improve the productivity of the solar panel. The inverters take power from the different solar systems and confer it with the same voltage and output.


  • Installing a DC [Direct Current] Optimizer, you can increase the power output of your solar panel and can maintain the energy production rate of a particular solar panel.


  • To avoid shading issues, you can Install The Solar Panel On The Ground. In this way, your solar system will get comparatively more sunlight and supply maximum energy.

Final Thought

Solar panels work in shady areas but can’t produce more energy. As a result, you will not be able to use all the devices and appliances with your solar system. That’s why you have to install a solar panel in a place that is open and gets bright sunlight. Otherwise, the heavy and long-time shade will reduce the production rate and the life span of your solar panel as well.