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The whole process of buying a home is complex and time-consuming. The booming real estate market has put many beautiful homes on the market.

For instance, it is easy to get distracted when looking at Buckeye, AZ homes for sale. As the median price of a home in Buckeye is around $460,000, a prioritized list can help eliminate houses for a potential buyer. There are significant features a homeowner needs to consider before selecting the house of their dreams.



Even though Buckeye, AZ is a great location, a buyer needs a place that has access to all the conveniences. The house’s location should be close to their workplace, school, shopping outlets, places of worship, and main roads.

The neighborhood is also important as everyone wants good people around them. Some homeowners also prefer a place close to a park, pool, or gym. It is essential to pin down the preferences before visiting a realtor.


Size of the Land

Most people look at the size of the house as the average listing per square foot in Buckeye is $244. Some people have a clear preference for the lot size as some of them prefer corner or interior areas.

Depending on the dimension and size of the lot, people decide the level of privacy, driveway length, and lawn usage. The lot description and dimension need to be locked before buying Buckeye, AZ, homes for sale. If the land size is big, homeowners can build an extra garage or a tool shed.


Number of Bedrooms

Depending on the family size, homeowners can get an idea of the number of bedrooms they want. If there are regular guests in the house, the required number of rooms will increase. An extra bedroom can also come in handy as it can be converted into an office, gym, or playroom.


Number of Bathrooms

A single bathroom can be a hassle in a large family. Homeowners often have to add a bathroom if remodeling isn’t feasible. Although newer homes generally contain more than one bathroom, they may lack a tub or a shower.

Therefore, it is crucial to understand the preferences like having a relaxing Jacuzzi or a shower stall. Some people also need a handicap-accessible space; therefore, the size of the bathroom also matters.


Kitchen Layout

The kitchen space is the soul of a home as it is the cornerstone of all activity and entertainment. The space’s size and layout are vital considerations that cannot be overlooked. A kitchen must have ample counter space, storage areas, and sinks.

Additionally, all the kitchen appliances must fit on the countertops and free space. However, if the size of the family is small, a moderately-sized kitchen will suffice.


Home Appliances

Most of the houses in Buckeye, AZ, come with appliances. Therefore, it is crucial to check these appliances’ condition and age before moving in. Home appliances are expensive, so a buyer should not move into a house without examining them and making sure they are working properly.

Even if the house does not have all the preferred machines, there should be enough room to add the desired apparatus. The home inspector should carefully estimate the age of the washer, dryer, heater, air conditioner, and all the kitchen appliances.


Age of the House

As many homes are available for sale in Buckeye, AZ, it is essential to know the age of the house before settling. Older homes need repairs and upgrades, which can be expensive. The buyer should also make sure the house has been built to code before going through with the purchase.


Final Thoughts

The choices are vast for buying a home in Buckeye, AZ, and the median pricing has risen by 22.7% in 2022. One needs to get their priorities straight before purchasing a home. An excellent realtor can genuinely help a buyer get what they need.