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The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. It’s your safe space within your home where you can spend some time alone and relax. That being said, your bathroom should be a space where you feel great. Over time, our bathrooms can become outdated or boring. This makes the whole experience of redesigning or revamping your bathroom a lot more fun and exciting. From buying new fixtures such as sinks, bathroom vanities, or decors like mirrors and organizers, it is a great way of exercising your creativity. You are not limited to designs when it comes to your bathroom as much as you are when decorating your bedroom or other rooms in your home.


However, decorating your bathroom can also become very tricky. There is so much more to decorating your bathroom than just the overall design and look of it. Unlike other rooms in your home, your bathroom has a moist atmosphere. On top of that, you also have to consider your safety as well as all of the other users’ safety. Most home accidents occur in the bathroom and it is considered the most dangerous room in our homes. You have to consider if certain materials may cause safety hazards for you and your loved ones. In order to help you out, we’ve listed down all bathroom-friendly materials that you can use for your bathroom. These materials are bound to be more durable and worth your investment.


  1. Wood

The first material we’d like to discuss is wood. Perhaps, wood is one of the materials that is often overlooked or shied away from by homeowners when it comes to designing their bathrooms. Most homeowners are aware that there is a lot of moisture in the atmosphere of a bathroom and the main concern is that it will not sit well in that atmosphere. They worry that they might have to replace it after only a couple of years. However, there are a number of ways wherein you can utilize wood for your bathroom while still ensuring that it is durable and worth every penny you invest in.


The first way to ensure that the wood in your bathroom will not warp so easily is to stick to furniture-quality plywood. This will prove to be more durable than solid or softwood. Another way of preserving the wood in your bathroom is to apply stains or treatments. You can choose to waterproof your wood with oil, or sealants, or can choose to use both a stain and a sealer. However, if you don’t want to mess with these treatments, there are also a lot of imitation wood options available. You can use vinyl wood tiles for your bathroom floor. This especially comes in handy if you’re going for a more organic or spa-like ambiance for your bathroom.


  1. Ceramics

Ceramics are known to be highly absorbent even when untreated. Ceramics are types of clay that are solidified by being fired at extremely high temperatures. There are ceramics that have a glazed on the unglazed surface. For ceramics that have glazing, this glazing solidifies and seals the clay to make it non-porous. This process is similar to that of sealing the wood. This makes that material highly suitable for bathrooms and makes it more durable. There are also a number of options for the glaze. You can opt to make it look cleaner and less rustic with a high-gloss finish. On the other hand, if you want it to retain its rustic appeal, you can opt for it to have a matte finish.


It is important to note however that when you’re choosing between finishes, that there are also other things to consider aside from its looks and aesthetics. The finish that you choose to go with must also take into consideration where you’ll be placing the ceramic as well as what you will be using it for. For example, if you’re planning to use it for your walls, then choosing either a matte or high gloss finish will be fine. However, if you are thinking about using it for your floors, then you’ll probably have to finish it with an anti-slip or slip-resistant finish on top as well. Ceramics are also low maintenance. If you have a busy lifestyle or a family to take care of and are worried about keeping your bathroom well-maintained, then this is a good option for you.


  1. Terracotta

Another natural material you can utilize for your bathroom is terracotta. Terracotta is a type of ceramic and is ideal for bathroom usage. However, most homeowners are also hesitant to use terracotta for their bathrooms as terracotta is known to be extremely porous and with low density. This makes it ideal for dry areas and environment only. On top of that, terracotta has visibly a lot of pores. But you shouldn’t let that stop you from using it for your bathroom. Just like with wood, this problem can be easily solved with a high-quality sealant.


Terracotta has rich, earthy, orange tones which can give your bathroom an instant natural and rustic look. As mentioned above, your bathroom should be a place where you can sit down, lay down, and relax. Having warm and earthy tones in your bathroom such as terracotta can transform your bathroom into a warm and inviting room.


  1. Rubber

For most homeowners, rubber may not be the most popular choice when it comes to choosing materials for their bathroom. Most modern bathroom aesthetics don’t typically include rubber in their design but one must remember that your bathroom must also be designed practically. Rubber works great in a moist environment. On top of that, they’re extremely easy to clean. However, this is not the best feature of using rubber for your bathroom. Using rubber for your bathroom flooring is a great option for you if you’re worried about your safety as well as your family’s.


Remember that a lot of accidents can occur in the bathroom. This is mainly because of wet floors. Having rubber flooring can prevent these slip accidents from happening. Moreover, you might be surprised at the variety of rubber flooring that’s now available. It’s definitely worth the consideration.


  1. Glass

Most modern showers are now moving on from lousy-looking shower curtains and are now transitioning to glass doors. Having a glass door can immediately add to the elegance of any bathroom. On top of that, this can make any space look bigger and airier. It brings a new dimension to your bathroom and is highly versatile. Don’t limit the use of glass for your bathroom to shower doors. You can also use it for tiles. There is a huge selection available when it comes to colors and shapes. You can try and add lights to it to instantly add a little drama to your bathroom design.


Having glass materials in your bathroom is ideal since it lends itself well to moisture. Furthermore, it’s not as expensive as other materials. The best part about glass, however, is that it is easy to clean and maintain.


  1. Porcelain

Another form of ceramic that you can incorporate into your bathroom design is porcelain. Porcelain tiles are extremely dense. Just like with other ceramics, it is also formed under high temperatures. The main difference is that compared to ceramics, porcelain is made from a finer type of clay. This allows the ceramic material to be glass-like and be ideal for bathroom walls and floors.


Furthermore, porcelain may also be used as glazed or unglazed. On top of that, porcelain may also be rectified. Rectified porcelain is porcelain that has been mechanically altered or cut to make a certain shape or size which makes it highly customizable. This will definitely make any bathroom look clean and simple. It’s extremely easy to clean and maintain as well.


  1. Concrete

These days, a lot of homeowners are going for the minimalistic and industrial theme for their bathrooms. One of the main components of a modern or industrial-themed bathroom is concrete. It now common for homeowners to use bare and unpainted concrete for their bathrooms. If you’re thinking that concrete is only limited to bathroom flooring then think again. From bathroom walls to bathroom sinks, you can incorporate a lot of concrete material into your bathroom design.


Incorporating polished concrete into your bathroom design is a great way of adding a touch of luxury to your bathroom and while still being homey and stylish. The best part of having polished concrete is that it is also inexpensive.


  1. Marble

If you go on Google and look for ‘luxurious bathrooms’ there’s a high probability that your search results would include bathrooms with a lot of marble. There is a reason why luxurious bathrooms boast of marble and that is because not only is it expensive but it is also high maintenance. A marble has to be resealed every year and cleaned regularly to prevent it from having scratches or stains. However, if you have the budget for this, marble can make a great visual impact on your bathroom.


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