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There always comes a time when you have to replace your roof. And at the forefront of your mind is which material you should choose.


Do you go with the one that you’re currently using, or do you choose something different? What’s the best choice for you?


The only choice should be a rubber roof. And we got six benefits to convince you why!


Environmentally Friendly

Let’s start with the most obvious: how eco-friendly rubber roofs are. Considering that they are made with 70% recycled tires and 95% recycled materials, you can see why they are considered the prime environmental-conscious roofing choice.


In most cases, the materials are scraps collected from old tires and rubber roofs to form another new model. That means an efficient product that virtually eliminates harmful waste.

Durable With A Extreme Hail Rating

You want to know if the roof you’re investing in has the durability to last you for years to come. There is nothing worse than spending money on a roof that doesn’t give you the quality and protection you need. With rubber roofs, that’s not a concern.


Thanks to its tough exterior, it can handle all types of weather conditions (extreme heat and snowy storms) and remain in premium condition. But the most significant gain is that it has an extreme hail rating (with some classes being labelled as UL2218 Class 4), meaning that even a hailstorm won’t dent it. That’s some quality roof right there.


Still Stylish For Your Home

Despite the tough-looking exterior of used tires, rubber roofs are still known for their stylish options. In fact, with various colors in both shake and slate options, you will be able to find a color that fits into your home’s decor, improving both its curb appeal and value.


Long-Lasting Lifespan

On average, the lifespan of a rubber roof is 50 years. That’s a worthwhile investment that guarantees your home protection for years. This leads to the next valuable point…


Minimal Maintenance

You don’t want to spend money every year on repairing or replacing your roof. Thankfully, that’s not going to be the case with rubber roofs. They are recognized for being a minimal maintenance material made to last and requires very little work. Considering the strength of the product, you can see why that’s the case.


The minimal amount of work also means that the cost of maintaining your roof is going to be at an all-time low, with fewer repairs and restorations.  We did reach out to the experts at Hubbard Exteriors in Calgary, and they do recommend having your roof inspected periodically to be sure it is performing as expected and that there are no obvious flaws or signs of issues that may cause you problems.


Worthwhile Investment

When you add in the minimal maintenance costs, the long-term value and durability, and the protection that you get with rubber roofs, you come to the same conclusion as us: that it’s a worthwhile cost-effective roofing option.


You should only be spending money on your roof just once. You don’t want to be spending and spending on it continually. With rubber roofs, you’re getting a solid product that will last you five decades and will protect your home against all weather conditions.


It might be expensive to install (depending on the product itself and the roofing contractor), but considering the benefits you’ll gain, it’s the smart choice.