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As a homeowner, you have to be prepared to make the necessary repairs that your house may need. For you to be able to accomplish this, you need to be familiar with the common problems that you may encounter with your house and you must have a basic toolkit. In terms of the latter, this article lists down some of the basic tools that your toolbox should have.




One of the most important things that you need to add to your toolbox is a pair of pliers. In this case, it is a good idea for you to familiarize yourself with the different types of pliers that you can use because the purpose of a pair of crimping pliers may prove to be very different from what a pair of diagonal pliers is intended to do. Rest assured that when you have a reliable pair of pliers, you will be able to effortlessly straighten bent power cord plugs or replace old showerheads.


Screwdriver Set


Another tool that needs to be included in your toolkit is a screwdriver set. In this way, you will be able to seamlessly tighten cabinet hardware as necessary or install light switches as well as crack open the lids of metal cans. As much as possible, get a set with all the common slotted head sizes as well as some of the stubby versions to get into the tightest spots necessary.




Make sure that your toolbox also comes with a hammer that you can use to drive nails into walls to hang your favorite pieces of artwork or pictures. A hammer is also needed in case you need to assemble a DIY piece of furniture or even in building a birdhouse in your yard. When nails get bent, use the curved claw of the hammer to pull them out.


Tape Measure


A tape measure is handy when you need to know the exact size of a space you intend to work on. For this reason, make sure that you have one in your tool kit. As much as possible, get a tape measure with a bright color for you to be able to easily find it when you need it.


Duct Tape


Your tool kit won’t be complete without duct tape that you can use for quick fixes around your house. Get one that adheres to most surfaces or one that is quite easy to rip. This will prove to be beneficial in repairing broken buckets or torn tarps.




Finally, make sure that your toolbox also has a flashlight that you can use in case your breaker trips or when you have to do some repairs in your dark sink cabinet. Go for flashlights made with LED bulbs because they tend to last longer, delivering up to 8 hours of light.



The tools listed above are only some of the toolbox essentials that you need to have. Some of the other tools you may consider adding to your toolbox include a utility knife, a handsaw, as well as an adjustable wrench. Rest assured that when you have all these tools in your toolkit, it will be easier for you to tackle the home repairs that you need to complete promptly.