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From BuilderTREND  • June 13

If you are considering adding or remodeling a pool in your landscape design, we can help you achieve your swimming pool construction goals. Whatever your vision — a backyard oasis or an outdoor living space — make it a smart investment of your time, money and space with advice from professionals about pool construction trends. Here are a few current design trends that can help you plan a space to entertain in or simply beat the heat for years to come.

A Square Deal
A growing design trend in swimming pool construction is creating simple, geometric shapes for pools. Your customer might opt for a simple geometric pattern (like a rectangle or square) to better fit a small yard. This offers a contemporary, modern look and is complementary to a small, minimalist backyard design. And from a pool construction standpoint, geometric pools are easier to build. They also integrate well with the architecture of most homes, and their clean lines blend nicely with various landscape choices. In addition to the aesthetic, simple shapes provide more swim space and are better suited for laps.

Shelf Life
The addition of baja shelves (also called sun shelves, a baja step, lounge ledge or tanning ledge) has become a popular trend. This feature provides a shallow (3 to 18 inches) and expansive warm water shelf for pool entry or for lounging in the sun while remaining partially submerged. These shelves can be customized to fit the pool design with tile, flagstone or mosaic designs. The dimensions of the shelf are typically about 4 to 8 feet in length and at a minimum 3 feet in width, which creates a large enough space for an adult to relax in the sun or a shallow area for children to splash and play in.

To Infinity and Beyond
An infinity edge, or vanishing edge, design is also popular in new pool construction. This design feature creates the visual effect of the water being level with the patio or appearing to blend into the horizon line. There is no visible edge on one or all sides of the pool. It can add an eye-catching, luxurious and resort-like feel to your customer’s pool.

Zero Regrets
Along with the infinity edge, the zero edge (also called zero entry or beach entry) design feature is gaining popularity in new pool construction. This is a pool design feature in which one or more sides gradually slope or transition into deeper water. It not only provides warm, shallow water for sunbathing, the design also allows children, the elderly and/or people with disabilities to enter the pool more easily.

Natural Drama
Fire and water features in pool design are trends that are worth considering as part of a pool remodel or update. These design elements can be an inexpensive and versatile way to add a more natural feel to any outdoor living space. Fireplaces, firewalls and fire pits provide warmth, light and ambience to an outdoor pool area. There are many wood burning or gas options, depending on preference and budget. Water features, fountains, waterfalls, spillways, cascades and water walls are just some of the stunning elements that can enhance the beauty of a pool’s design. Adding a vertical water element can bring a pool design to life through both sound and visual elements.

A pool is likely to be the centerpiece of your outdoor living space; in addition to being enjoyable, it’s also important that it adds value to the property. Any of these current trends would be a worthwhile investment!

Source: www.buildertrend.com

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