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Nowadays, people go for the minimalist feel in order to provide breathing space and to make their interior appear larger as “fewer objects mean more area.” However, we believe that that’s not the case for plain-looking walls; they too deserve attention. Adding ornaments with sentimental value and metal signs can give life to your colorless walls and even grab attention depending on how you glamorize the area. Here, have you look at what you can do:


Travel to the past


Bring your visitors to a trip down memory lane with your personalized vintage signs. You can have a customized one like the name of the street where your friends used to hang out a lot or even the name of your group. Present it in an area that could go along with your old pictures and objects that are very dear to you. Automatically, it would do the storytelling for you without mentioning a single word. If you don’t prefer having a customized one, you can have those store-bought ones and have the freedom to hang it anywhere.


Make it the center of attention


Make your vintage signs stand out by strategically displaying it in a space visibly seen by many. Metal signs have the potential to shape the environment of your house which means choosing the appropriate design is a must. Either having a large metal piece to lessen the additional work of looking for other pieces that could complement it. Furthermore, It can function as a topic for conversation and people would be asking questions about how you came up with such ornament, thus, showing your creative and innovative side.


Play with vibrant colors

Image Credit: Deavita.net


Due to the material’s versatility, personalizing signs can also include a wide selection of colors so it’s best to pick colors that would immediately catch the attention of your visitors to your vintage sign. Pick eye-catching hues and undertones that would avert their gaze to your sign.


Put up a gallery wall


Gallery walls are best to set up when you want to highlight your favorite pieces in a single area. You could feature your artworks by showcasing your output when you were a child up until the present so people can have an idea about your progress. Moreover, you can also utilize vintage metal signs to present your fun and comedic side by incorporating a vintage sign in an abstract form or unusual patterns. You have the liberty to express anything and associate a theme with a gallery wall.


Express your personality


You may want to let others know a bit of yourself by incorporating your favorite animal or a quote you love. These can be powerful statements that provide people an idea about your personal outlooks in life or your interests especially if you’re not one to talk confidently about yourself. Also, these can also spark a conversation and you can even suggest tips that would convince them to use vintage metal signs as ornaments.


Fill an empty wall area


 Image Credit: Deavita.net

Leave no plain empty space in your house by transforming it with vintage metal signs. Having 3D custom metal signs is a good idea to enhance the look of the space. Aside from its durability, its old-looking feature guarantees the nostalgic feel you want to achieve as you hang it onto the wall.


Decorative ornaments


Match your metal signs with your favorite vintage memorabilia and collections. In addition, featuring your succulents and plants using your custom made metal sign labels would be a great idea to highlight your hobby. If you prefer showing your family pictures, then you can have your relatives’ names customized into metal signs. Indeed, the versatility of these signs as decorative ornaments can cater to different purposes.


Spice up your workplace too

 Image Credit: Deavita.net


Your home isn’t the only place where vintage metal signs are suitable. These can also be applied in your workplace to help you clear your mind out and focus on your tasks. Your room decor can serve as your inspiration in coming up with ideas necessary for your next projects and making that room look neutral won’t do you a favor. Don’t be afraid to go for the retro feel if you plan to give your workroom a motif. Look for old signage like food brands or road labels in flea markets or you may personalize your own. Your colleagues can even appreciate this creative side of you as they visit your area.


Explore other possible means


Burst your imagination bubble and bring your ideas to life by seeking more creative ways of beautifying your house walls with metal signs. Changing the size of your signs from the usual scale can be risky but it could help lessen the burden of decorating an area. A large sign can already contribute to filling up a dull area and give emphasis.


For smaller vintage signs, you can also have several of these to form a pattern instead of bringing another design to avoid messiness and disorganization. Additionally, don’t limit your vintage signs on walls only. Shelves and cabinets are also places where you can add the antique touch of vintage metal signs. Feel free to discover other places where you can hang them perfectly.