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The International Builders’ Show (January 22-24 in Las Vegas) is the largest annual light construction show in the world—over. Miles and miles of the latest and most advanced building products and services ever assembled. All of the latest innovations with hands-on demonstrations and working models in over 300 building industry categories are at the National Association Home Builders’ annual convention. This is where industry professionals can attend over 100 education programs and learn the latest techniques and technology practices in the business.

It’s where the professionals in the industry can be found. More builders, more Remodelers, more industry pros and more suppliers than anywhere else in the world. That’s why you should do business with a member of the Rochester Home Builders’ Association (RHBA). Each and every year the RHBA is represented at this event by more members than even the largest of the 600+ builders’ associations across the country. RHBA members are dedicated professionals and proud of it! Do Business With A Member of the RHBA.