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Sports equipment needs good storage when not in use so that it can be reused for many years. However, keeping your gear can be difficult if you don’t have storage ideas. Here are 7 ways to store sports equipment.

Taking care of your seasonal and everyday sports equipment is crucial as it can extend the shelf life of your equipment. Check out these ideas to help you store your equipment in good condition.


Hang Your Sports Shoes on a Shoe Rack

Most sports require different shoe types such as athletic shoes and soccer cleats for playing football. So you may run out of space to store the shoes you have acquired. Fortunately, you can use a shoe rack to keep your shoes and make finding them easy.


Different types of shoe racks are available so that you find the perfect option for you. For instance, you can hang your shoe rack on the wall if you don’t have enough space in your closet. You can also use hangers, baskets, and hooks to store shoes.

Organize Small Sports Items in Duffle Bags

If the sport you play uses small items or has a few pieces of equipment, opt for duffle bags. These bags are a great storage solution as they allow you to store everything for each game you intend to play.


After practice or when the sport is over, you can put your equipment back into the bag until the next game. Duffle bags are an ideal option because they are easy to store. They can also keep your sports gear safe from damages and out of the elements.

Use Bungee Cord To Store Your Balls

Sometimes finding storage space for your balls can be challenging. So instead of keeping the balls where they may get in your way or in a box, set up a bungee storage cord. You only need a square frame and a few cords.


Now, hook the bungee cords to the frame and you’ll be able to store balls of different sizes effortlessly. This arrangement helps store the balls securely in a secluded space. It’s also perfect for spaces that would be wasted spots. For instance, the space between your wall and the garage door.


Put Up a Corkboard To Hang Light Sports Equipment

Get creative with your corkboards and sports gear. Choose an unused part of your wall and set up a corkboard. After putting up your corkboard, hang equipment of different sizes to make your gear visible and easily accessible. If you have larger items, create plank spots or hang hooks.


Depending on the corkboard you use or the size of your wall, you can store several items such as bikes and gloves. Moreover, corkboards are one of the most versatile storage ideas for your sports gear. They allow you to store everything in one place no matter the sports you play.


Use Laundry Bags To Keep Your Sports Gear

When considering different storage options for your sports gear, you may want something that allows you to see the equipment you are storing. Laundry bags are a great option because you will be able to see your gear and also identify it.


Additionally, you can store equipment for each game together, allowing you to grab the equipment and go. Also, when you have your items in the bags, you can stack, hang, or store them in different ways. Plus, these bags don’t occupy a lot of space when they are not in use.


Hang Large Sports Gear From Ceiling Hooks

Standard storage facilities can impact sports performance. That’s why ceiling hooks are perfect for keeping large items like surfboards and bikes in good condition and off the floor.


Although they aren’t ideal for every sports gear, they are great for larger items that occupy a lot of floor space. You can use hooks in your basement or garage and position them to give you adequate headroom while storing items out of your way.


Utilize Shelving Units To Store Several Sport Items

Shelving units are also great for storing equipment because they allow you to keep many items in the available space. For example, you can install shelves close together if you have many small items or allow more space between shelves if you want to keep large equipment.



When considering storage options for your sports equipment, think about the available space and the gear you want to store. Consider some of the storage solutions we have highlighted above to find options that work for you.