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 With recent circumstances, the essence of interior design has become more apparent not only in Australia but in the whole world. Due to this, numerous trends have arisen to cater to the contemporary conditions, as well as a way for people to express themselves in their surroundings.


Unquestionably, 2021 is full of countless interior design ideas, and it continues to be filled with newer concepts. With the year only a few months away from ending, some interior designs are expected to get carried over to 2022. With that, below are the seven anticipated interior design trends for next year:


Warm Tones

Previously, neutral and grey tones overpowered interior themes in Australia due to the soothing and tranquilizing subtleties associated with them. Recently, however, warm tones have started to make a comeback in Australian homes. If you’re living somewhere near Newcastle then you’re in luck. The best services in interior design Newcastle has to offer is easily available.


This comeback could be attributed to the positive emotions that warm tones evoke. Besides that, they also promote energy to people. With how beneficial these effects are in dealing with modern situations, it’s no wonder why more people have started to prefer warmer themes as of late.



In 2021, minimalism in home interiors underwent quite a shift to the focus of the theme. Before, minimalism was sought-after for its unique aesthetics; however, lately, the interior design concept is utilized more to stimulate functionality and productivity.


With the boundaries between personal life and professional life getting blurred at home, the saving grace of many has been to set their surroundings with a minimalist approach. By promoting a calm physical environment, people can manage their cluttered minds more easily.



Having both minimalism and maximalism become a trend together can be strange. However, this variation in interior design preference can be attributed to the varied coping mechanisms of people in current circumstances. Whereas minimalism helps people perpetuate organization, maximalism allows others to feel free.


Being stuck at home all day for days on end can be stifling for many people, and the best way for them to feel as liberated as possible is to express themselves through their surroundings. Maximalism allows people to decorate their environment with personal touches to add an exciting feel to the otherwise monotonous new way of living.


Earth Tones

Earth tones make use of color schemes commonly found in nature. Hence, earth-toned interior designs typically include different shades of browns, greens, and greys. Moreover, these colors induce feelings of warmth, reassurance, and comfort; hence, this theme is commonly found in rooms frequented by people.


With stress common even at home nowadays, having earth tones in interiors is a common strategy to counteract distress and promote calmness. Furthermore, with the return of life’s normalcy far from reality, earth tones are sure to stay for 2022.


Biophilic Aesthetics

Contrary to earth-toned interior designs that only imitate nature’s colors, biophilic designs bring nature inside the home to increase the connection to the natural outdoor environment. Thus, this concept maximizes sunlight, plants, fresh air, and other natural environmental components within an interior.


Because of natural components being brought inside, the aesthetics of biophilic designs help give people the feeling of being outdoors despite being indoors. In today’s world, this outdoorsy feel is an essential feature to cater to the instinctive desire of humans to be free and ‘one with nature.’



Out with the new and in with the old? With vintage, definitely yes! Incorporating vintage in contemporary interior design has been a popular aesthetic in recent years. Undoubtedly, this idea is famous for the way modern and antique items harmonize with each other despite their contrasting concepts.


Moreover, due to vintage items being more inclined to using natural and high-quality materials, interior designs integrating this concept generally consist of earth tones. Meaning, people can also get the same psychological benefits that earth-toned themes inspire in this design.


Organized Workspaces

Before, workspaces in the home used to be for every-other-day momentary uses. However, the global situation has forced most of the population to bring work to the house; hence, designated and permanent workspaces have become a requirement that, if possible, each family member should have.


Owing to the uncontrollable state of affairs, organized workspaces have become a trend in most, if not all, households. This design makes use of complementary pieces of furniture that can accommodate the ambient demands of an appropriate professional or academic workspace, as well as color tones that promote focus and productivity.



With the difficulties that people face due to the constant and drastic changes that the world is undergoing, interior design plays a huge role in giving people a sense of control in their direct surroundings. Moreover, it helps people cope up with adversities by providing an avenue for them to express their emotions in their creations, and this is evident around the world.



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