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Your home is your safe space where you can relax and put all of your worries away. However, in some cases, a house might not be the most calming place to be as there are too many distractions and things that you need to do. With that, you may want to look for an escape which you can easily access and isn’t expensive, and thus, the backyard is born.

Your backyard is where you grow plants, swim in the pool, grill barbecues, and unwind. If you plan on having your backyard be your place of tranquility, you should design it to be, allowing you to be at peace.

When creating a tranquil backyard, ensure that you hire an experienced landscape designer like seyfferdesigns.com.au who we consulted with for these tips today.  You will get the most out of your yard for inner peace. Moreover, listed below are the different ways on how you can build a peaceful backyard:


Add A Hot Tub

Who doesn’t find relaxation once they get to dip themselves in a steamy tub and enjoy the heat surround their bodies, allowing them to relax? If you find peace through a spa environment, you may want to add a hot tub by your yard and surround it with wooden walls to initiate privacy from neighbors and other people.

With a hot tub, you may want to bring an essential oil with you and add a few drops to the water so you could enjoy the aroma. You can also choose to add rose petals for real relaxation. It’ll be like you have your own Zen in your backyard. Just ensure that you match the look of your yard with your tub for true relaxation.

Set Up A Hammock

Do you remember the time when you’re out on the beach, and you just rested in a hammock until you fell asleep and waking up feeling extraordinary? It’s because you can hear the sounds of the waves hitting the sand and the fresh air surrounding your body. While the beach is far away from your home, you can allow having the same experience right from your backyard.

For complete peace, you can set up a hammock in your yard and pair it with beach beds and a relaxing pool. It’ll instantly make you feel like you’re spending a relaxing day at the beach! Plus, it’ll also be amazing when you get to spend time on your hammock at night as the cold wind blows your skin.


Prioritize Your Privacy

You can fully relax in your yard by having full-on privacy, enabling you to do anything that you want in your yard.

If your backyard doesn’t provide enough privacy, you’ll be uncomfortable lounging in the pool bed, and you can see your neighbors staring at you. While that’s a thing that you can get used to, you can always eliminate the uncomfortable factor by putting your fences up high, adding large plants and trellis. In this way, you can fully relax in your yard without worrying about any lurking neighbors.


Add A Water Feature

One of the best ways to build an oasis in your yard is by adding a water feature, as the sounds of the water dripping can provide relaxation as it can mimic the sounds of the river, ocean, or waterfalls.

With a water feature, you can choose to add a fountain, fish pond, or a mini-waterfall that goes through the fish pond or the pool area. But for the best tranquility, adding a pool would undoubtedly help you feel more at peace and comfortable. Who doesn’t enjoy having a dip in the pool during the hottest of the summer afternoons? It’ll just be convenient and fun as you don’t need to step outside your home only to splash around.


Build A Fire Pit

There’ll always be peace when you build a fireplace in your backyard where you and your family can hang out to exchange stories, roast marshmallows, or just simply hang out with the comfort of the warmth surrounding your bodies.

When building a fire pit, it’ll be ideal if you have it built-in for aesthetic reasons. However, if you don’t have enough budget to have one installed, there are always portable ones that you can have in your yard and should still provide peace and tranquility in your backyard.


Invest In Lights

You can emphasize calmness in your backyard by using warm lights outside, as it can instantly give the impression of peace and relaxation.

You can choose to add string lights over your yard or patio along with a lamp that illuminates a relaxing glow. It’ll be ideal if you place your lighting in areas where it can emphasize the parts of your yard calmly. With a well-lit backyard, you can find tranquility compared to a yard that only has a single bright white lighting.



Being at peace is what everyone wants to be in, especially that everyone goes through plenty of stressful situations. With that, you may wish to update your yard to be your own Zen where you can hangout to find peace and tranquility. There are plenty of add-ons you can have in your yard that you can go to once you feel stressed.