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It is important that you choose the right contractor when building your dream home.  Choosing a builder/contractor affects every aspect of the project. Whether you are building on your land or a lot the builder/contractor owns, there are many contractors in the marketplace and to have a well-built home and enjoy the building process you need to hire the right one.  Whether you have purchased vacant land for sale yourself, or plan to build on a lot owned by the contractor, location is everything.  You need to love where you are building! That’s first and foremost.  You’ll never love your new home if you don’t love its location!


  1. Experience: Make sure the contractor you want to choose has experience. Look at the years that the contractor has been in the construction industry. It is important that you align the skills of the contractor with the home you want to be built. New contractors might not have the experience and skills to provide the quality service that you want. An experienced building contractor will have the skills and the facilities to build your home.
  2. Reputation: The contractor’s reputation is a valuable asset. Look at the reputation of the contractor. A contractor gets a good reputation from consistently providing quality services. Look at online reviews of the contractor and try to interact with the contractor’s previous customers. Know more about what they think of the contractor. Word of mouth is also a good way to know about the contractor’s reputation. Talk to people that have worked with contractor, used the contractor and worked alongside the contractor e.g. building inspectors
  3. Past work: Look at past works of the contractor. Most contractors put the pictures and details of previous houses they have constructed on their website. Before you choose a contractor visit completed projects and make sure they are up to par with your expectations, visit jobs in progress and see the construction taking place, look for ideas that you have not thought of and get an impression of the contractor’s work, professionalism and culture. If you like what you see, then you can choose that contractor.
  4. Time: Make sure the contractor you want to build your home in the land for sale that you bought is time conscious. Time is important. Make it clear that you do not negotiate your deadline, you do not want excuses and you will not tolerate delay. Make sure the contractor provides you with a start date and a completion date. Research the policies and guarantees of the contractor. Know if other customers have complained about delays and missed deadlines.
  5. Choose as early as possible: If you want to build a home on the vacant land for sale that you bought then it is imperative that select a contractor at the beginning. Start early. Take your time in choosing your contractor. Being in a hurry or putting yourself in an emergency that will cost you money and time. Provide clear directions on what you want.
  6. Ask the right questions: Have a question guide that will show the considerations and discussion you will have with the potential contractor. Questions such as what facilities does the contractor have, what differentiates the contractor from its competitors, does the contractor have insurance, how are construction schedules created, what type of contract is offered, do they have the necessary licenses and are health and safety programs complied with. Ask questions. Know if the contractor is accessible and available. Ask for references and follow up. Ask about the contractor’s area of expertise and if the contractor works with subcontractors.

Article authored by Rachel Stinson
Rachel blogs about food, fashion, home improvements and sports to name just a few.