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Designing a fresh space or renovating an existing one can be an exciting and experimental process. However, there are a lot of decisions to make, and you’re going to want them to all be in sync; a person’s home is their sanctuary, and you will want that represented in your décor. Hiring a home designer is a great way to get inspiration, ideas, and ultimately, help with decorating your space.


If you’re considering hiring an interior designer, there are a few key questions you should ask them first. In this blog post, we’ll share six of the most important questions to ask an interior designer, so that you can get a better sense of their style, approach, and process.



1.  How long have you been designing homes?


Asking a designer how long they have been designing homes will help give you an idea of how much experience they have in their field. Their answer will help you decide who it is you prefer to have on your team.


For example, if they’re fresh out of design school, they won’t have experience – but they’ll know all the newest trends. On the other hand, if they’ve got twenty years of experience, then they will likely be able to help you quickly, and offer expert advice.



2.  What is your design process like?


Knowing how a designer approaches each brief is an important element to your home design process. Matching yourself up with the right decorator is a personal journey, and you’re going to want someone who works well with your own process.


Perhaps you’re looking for a decorator that is quick and efficient. Or maybe you value a slower, more personalized approach. Asking your home designer how they approach a brief will contribute to your decision overall.



3.  What are your favorite color schemes?


Before you hire a home decorator, you might want to know what their favorite color schemes are – for obvious reasons. Maybe you love soft pastels, and your designer prefers bold colors and eye-catching accent walls. That’s probably an indicator that this decorator isn’t for you.


Then again, maybe you’re searching for a decorator that pushes you outside of your comfort zone, and you’d prefer to find someone whose taste is alternate to your own! Regardless, asking about favorite palettes and schemes when it comes to colors certainly doesn’t hurt.



4.  Who are your favorite designers?


Another great way to get to know your home designer is learning which designers they work to emulate. Even if they are more obscure decorators that you’ve never heard of, you’ll be able to do your own research and look into what their mentors do.


Being able to get a visual of a home designer’s aspirations is a great way to wrap your head around what they love to do, and how they love to achieve it.



5.  What’s your favorite part of the job?


Learning about a home designer’s favorite part of the job will not only give you an idea of who they are, but it will outline what it is that drew them to interior design. If a decorator was led to interior design because of passion and art, that’s a great sign. It means they care, and their heart is truly invested in each project.


However, if a person is just doing it because they thought it might be neat – or worse, love spending other people’s money – then that’s likely a red flag that this designer isn’t for you.



6.  What is an integral element in any space?


One of the most important elements to learn about your home designer is what they believe is integral to any great space. Since this is an aspect that will become a leader in the design process, it’s good to know whether or not you and your designer are aligned on this concept.


For example, maybe your designer feels a bold light fixture and distinctive rug are a vital addition to any living room. If you agree, then it’s a match made in heaven! But if you think that other spaces or components take precedent, you might want to see if you can reach a compromise, or perhaps hire somebody else.


We hope that these six questions to ask a home designer will be an asset to your search for the right decorator. Renovating or redecorating a space is a big task, and having an expert on your side always helps – so long as they’re the right fit!