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One of the best things about being a homeowner is that you get to decorate it how you like. You get to decide what goes where, what color schemes you want throughout your space, and how to make it the most comfortable and inviting to potential guests.


Maybe you’ve gone through all of this already, and while you’ve been happy with your space for a while, you’re starting to think that maybe a little change wouldn’t be so bad. Maybe you can fill the empty spaces that you haven’t been sure what to do with.


Wooden decor projects truly look great with anything, whether you have a modern-style house or an industrial-style apartment. DIY is also a great outlet to help get your creativeness flowing and to make you feel productive on an otherwise laid-back day. Here are some ways that you can incorporate wooden decor into your home, that you can make yourself!

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Wooden signs

Who doesn’t love a handmade sign welcoming guests, stating which family lives here and that everybody needs to remember to live, laugh, and love? Even if it’s the only decoration made out of wood that you use out of this list, it will still boast a cozy touch to any home. You can also use it to test out your stenciling skills.


Big or small, a sign can be placed in any room. You can choose to either screw it into your wall or go for an even more rustic touch and drill holes through both ends and tie it up with rope. They can also make for a cute knick knack on top of any cabinet, end table, or countertop.


Pine boards can be used for the frame and some plywood for the base. There are plenty of different colored woods to choose from, from birch for a lighter shade, to forest oak for a darker shade. You can also use paint, stencils, or even small carving tools if you want to carve words into the wood itself.


After you finish one, you won’t want to stop! This is a good opportunity to get each member of your family in on the project, so everyone can display something that’s uniquely theirs to complete the space that you all share. From inspirational quotes to a variety of colored shapes, there is simply no end to the list of things that you can customize your sign with.


Knife rack

Finally! A nifty way to hang up your tools and protect you better from getting nicked! Some people may be alright with the standard woodblock or a metal magnetic rack. However, this design is perfect for those who want to feel even more powerful whilst grabbing their sharp implements to cook dinner or even open a package.


There are lots of different ways that you can go about this project. One way is to make the rack look almost like a ladder with a katana-style so that it’s easier to grab the handles. Another way is to get one board, then make two or three thinner boards fit on top of it. Then, your knives will be protected by a makeshift sheath.


However you do it, this is a simple project that will look good in any kitchen. The shine of the metal against a wooden board will offer a beautiful contrast. It will also make you feel like a lumberjack, grabbing your tools and getting ready to chop some onions and dice some herbs.

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Mirror frames

This decor idea is great for those who want to have something natural surrounding man-made material. It is sure to make any mirror in your home pop. If your woodworking skills are more advanced than the average DIY person, you can carve some intricate designs on the frames themselves to make your mirror make even more of an impression.


If you want to replace an existing mirror frame, all you have to do is remove it with pliers. Most frames are only held in with staples. In some cases, like in a picture frame, you just have to undo the latches on the back.


This is another simple project for those who are just getting their feet wet with DIY. As long as you’re comfortable using a drill and a Kreg jig, you’re good to go! In place of a partner to hold the wood down, you can also use little clamps.


Once you’ve got the frame on, you can further customize the wood to your liking, by either sanding it and/or staining it. Any kind of wood will look good with a little gloss. You can also paint the wood with a variety of colors, or just paint some words like “looking good!” to give yourself a positive boost whenever you need it.


Vanity storage unit

This is a great way to tuck away any extra toilet supplies close to your vanity, yet keep them close enough for immediate use. You’ll never have to walk across the house to find extra toilet paper in a random closet again. It can also act as an extra surface for any soaps or tiny house plants.


The vanity’s size and shape will be different depending on your bathroom space, but it still makes for a nice-looking accent to anyone’s bathroom. This project will be utilizing some simple pine boards, sandpaper, some screws, and a Kreg jig kit.


This project is meant for those who have a pretty good grip on woodworking tools, but it’s still not too complicated to put together. You can also paint it whichever color you like. While you do that, someone else in the family can do the sanding and cutting if you so desire.


A note about wooden upkeep is also good to keep in mind because let’s face it, the bathroom does get dirty most often. While water is typically avoided to clean wood, you can use a weekly solution of water and dish soap. Use a damp cloth and wipe it all over the surface.

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End table

Everyone needs an end table by the side of their bed or couch to lay their books upon, or maybe even a clock or a photograph. Maybe you haven’t gotten around to going out and buying one, or the one you have has run its course in terms of service. Whatever the reason, it’s might not be a bad idea to try making your own and add a little flavor to your bedroom or living room.


If you want a simple design, you can go for a narrow table with a drawer like the one in the above picture. For something a bit sturdier, a table with an X base is not only a popular choice but very reliable. Maybe you just want to dust off an old tree stump, repurpose it for your living room and call it a day. All of these are viable options!


If you want to go for something like what’s pictured above, you’ll need about five pieces of wood at varying lengths, as well as some plywood scrap for the bottom of the drawers. A tutorial guide can be found here. In terms of difficulty, this is a relatively simple-looking project, but it’s always good to have another expert to help hold the wood together as well as the tools.

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Reclaimed wood floors

Hardwood floors always add value to any home. But what about wood that has a story behind it? It could’ve been taken from a variety of places, such as factories, old barns, or even wine casts. After wood has served its original purpose, sometimes it goes on living in other structures or foundations, bringing a sense of charm and a love for the natural environment.


There are many reasons why reclaimed wood can be the right choice for your home, from its durability, stability, and the fact that it can come from anywhere in the world. It’s pretty easy to find online at a reasonable price per square foot as well.


There is one specific tool that will make the whole venture a lot easier, called a pneumonic floor nailer, or a “banger”. You can rent one from your local hardware store and hook it up to an air compressor. It will install staples into the boards so well and it’s very satisfying to use.


While working with reclaimed wood, remember that it’s okay if not all of the boards you get look the same, since each may have come from different structures or businesses. In fact, it’s encouraged to switch things up when laying down the boards, as it will make your floor look that much more unique. Remember to trim any that have existing bad spots so that they don’t become more of a hassle later on.

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BYOB=Bring Your Own Board!

DIY doesn’t necessarily mean “do it all by yourself”. If you are looking for self-fulfillment in making your own decor and contraptions, that’s all great. However, if you can share the fun with others why not go for it?


Once you become a master at crafting beautiful carpentry to use as accents in your home, you can then go on to teach others how to do it, and even get your little ones involved (long as someone else handles the sharp tools). Host a DIY party, get a board out, and lots of paint, so you can put your own prints on it. Every home should be a happy one, and doing some decor that everyone puts effort into will help the happiness grow that much more.

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