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 Are you a homeowner wondering when the right time to clean your furniture is? Indeed, furniture is an essential requirement of every home that gives your space comfort and makes your life simpler. However, there may be instances that cleaning your furniture can be neglected or forgotten. Even so, your upholstery can be easily maintained by doing regular vacuuming and cleaning.


Nevertheless, as you live out your busy life, you may have a hard time making time to clean your furniture every day, especially for those people who have kids. The last thing you can do is to look for signs that indicate a thorough cleaning. Fortunately, the signs are observable. When you see the signs, it may be time to do an extensive cleaning or call for professional help. To start, here are a few signs that your upholstery needs some cleaning.


Visible Stains and Discoloration

When you regularly use things,  little slips and accidents are inevitable. Your furniture can be exposed to stains and discoloration. At some point, naughty pets, small children, and crumbs of food and beverages spillage can leave dirty spots in your upholstery. When things like these happen, it would be best to take action right away before it results in permanent stains.


However, there are times when stains are left unnoticeable and have tainted your furniture for a long time. Fortunately, some companies provide upholstery cleaning. They have experts that can safely clean longtime, accumulated specks of dirt and stains to preserve the quality of your furniture.


Worn Down Appearance

If you own relatively old furniture, you may notice its worn-down appearance.  You can prevent the old signs by doing regular vacuuming and annual cleaning. Even so, there may be furniture that is past due its time. You may be better off replacing stuff like this. Still, most furniture can last longer if properly maintained.


On the other hand, neglected upholstery may look old and dull. It is an obvious problem, especially if the furniture is relatively new. Though it is unavoidable if it is regularly utilized, constant exposure to light, sticking of dust, and pollen fade can also significantly affect the upholstery. These factors can cause the fabric to fade, resulting in old-looking furniture.


Bad Odor

Scents and odor can stick to fabrics. Have you ever experienced going out in a barbecue restaurant, smelling like meat? Comparatively, your fabric upholstery furniture also absorbs the smell. As time passes by, the scent can accumulate and can result in a foul odor.


Concerning this, it is not only food or human scent that causes the odor. A nasty stain in furniture can start a spread of bacteria, and can cause a foul smell. An ideal DIY solution can be made out of baking soda and a hint of lemon juice. Still, it would be wise to hire experts to look into your upholstered furniture to prevent further damages professionally.


Poor Air Quality

No homeowners would want a funny smell in their homes, and everyone would prefer fresh and pleasant smelling areas. Various factors can cause poor air quality, but a significant factor can be your upholstered furniture. With foul odor, your furniture can also affect the overall smell of your home. Bad air quality is a vital sign that your upholstery needs to be cleaned.


There is an urgency to this because bad quality indoor air can result in allergens. You or your family members may start showing allergy symptoms. When this happens, it would be best to get your upholstery professionally cleaned. Also, always remember to vacuum them as a way to get rid of unknown debris and pollen.


Increased Allergy Issues

As mentioned, allergens may start to form, and germs and bacteria can thrive on your furniture. When a person sits down on your upholstery, these allergens may spread into the air. As a result, you may inhale them and irritate them. Your allergies can kick-off, and you may have symptoms like watery eyes, abnormally runny nose, sore throat, and more. When this happens, you should immediately take action before it gets worse.


How to properly maintain upholstery furniture?

The primary thing you should do to maintain your upholstered furniture properly is to do regular vacuum cleaning. It would be ideal to do general cleaning weekly to remove surface soils and to prevent more dirt embedding into the fibers. Keep in mind to clean them with care to avoid wearing the fabric.


Additionally, make sure to act upon any new spills immediately and do not let them dry. You can also use sofa covers or slipcovers on your furniture. You can use a piece of fabric, which will already serve as a decoration and protection. This fabric will help to keep your furniture in good condition.



If you do not take proper care of your furniture, they can wear faster and waste your money. To prevent this, it would help if you remember these signs to address these problems as soon as possible. Likewise, do not hesitate to call for professional help, as they are more than willing to offer you their services.