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Selling your home can be a stressful time, whether it’s your first time or you’re an experienced homeowner. In this guide, we cover some essential tips to consider when you want to sell your home, from how to get a quick sale without a chain to creating the perfect stage for viewing.


Cash Buyers


When you’re selling your home, you usually end up in a chain, which is a sequence of linked house purchases, and you are reliant on everything progressing smoothly for everyone involved. If you use a cash buyer, you won’t have the worry of a buyer suddenly backing out of a deal due to an issue with their own sale.


When looking for a cash buyer, many homeowners use National home buyers for a quick sale. People often find themselves overwhelmed with choice and unsure of which company to use; Housebuyers4u are a fantastic option as they offer a transparent service throughout the whole process.




Over the years in our homes, we begin to collect and hoard many items that we can’t bear to throw in the bin or give away. When you are selling your home, it’s vital that your potential buyers can see all four walls of each room. Before you book viewings, begin organising your clutter to be stored away neatly. You don’t need to remove all your personal touches; potential buyers can also be put off if a home appears too clinical and unloved.




Once you have the clutter out of the way, it’s time to clean your home. Many homeowners hire professionals to clean their homes in time for a viewing to give the best impression to the potential buyers, but that’s not necessary. As long as you ensure each room has been cleaned well, your buyers will be happy. Remember to dust thoroughly, clean the windows, vacuum the carpets and mop any rooms that need it.


Neutral Walls


Redecorating your home from top to bottom would be costly. Instead, paint your walls a neutral colour in any rooms with bright colours or that are adorned with children’s characters; this will help your prospective buyers visualise the rooms with their furnishings. Neutral colours on the walls can add space and light to a room, which can potentially attract more buyers to view your property. This inexpensive trick is essential to ensure you get the best offers for your home.




A great way to increase the wow factor of your home when potential buyers come for a viewing is to fill your property with pleasant aromas. Use candles or flowers to cover the smell of pets or last nights dinner; the added decoration will also help your home stand out to buyers. Go a step further and do some baking to fill your property with delicious scents; bake bread or cookies to give your buyers that homely feel as they step through the door. This is an incredible trick for turning your home into a must-buy by relaxing your buyers and helping them to visualise themselves cooking in your kitchen or having breakfast at the table.