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A well-managed kitchen is important in your home if your day will run smoothly. However, managing an open kitchen and keeping it clean around the clock is a tedious job to do. Here in this article, we are going to give you a few tips we hope will help you make this task easier.  These few factors will help you keep your kitchen organized, well-arranged, and clean with less effort.


Install Easy To Use Storage Area

The best way to double your kitchen space is to make large storage areas in your kitchen. Large storage means more space on countertops, less messed-up kitchen utensils, and better arranged items. However, the storage cabinets and drawers installed must be accessible and easy to use. These should be according to your height and drawers should be smooth running so you can enjoy using them. You’ll be surprised by how much easier it is to use well made drawers with smooth gliding runners like these “drawer runners at Kaboodle NZ”. If you enjoy using your storage units you’re more likely to put things back where they belong, saving time cleaning up later.  Other than these, ideas to increase your storage space in the kitchen are as following:

  • Install Stackable wire racks
  • Use wall hangings like hanging pot rack
  • Buy a rolling cart
  • Add open shelves to the walls


Assign Areas For Special Tasks

Assigning areas for special tasks is another way to avoid any mess. This idea works better when you place the items related to the assigned chores nearby. For example, you assign your side countertop area for coffee making. Placing a coffee organizer with all the coffee flavors near there will save you from wasting time in collecting those every time and will create less mess. Additionally, you can place your vegetable cutter on one side, and attach a small garpbage bag or container near the allocated area. This will allow you to perform your kitchen task spotlessly and in less time. Therefore, letting you keep your kitchen organized and well-managed.


Make A Dirty Kitchen Area

A very effective, perhaps an old idea of keeping your open kitchen organized is making a “dirty kitchen” area. This could be a room near your kitchen or a small store attached to this. You can place all your grocery items, your spices, and even your fridge there. Performing mess-creating tasks, like cutting vegetables and fruits in a dirty kitchen will also save your open kitchen from getting messy.  Maybe use your pantry for this, if you’re lucky enough to have the space.  If not, then allocate a small section of your counter near your sink and trash area so you don’t have to keep crossing the room.  Keep your items for cutting and chopping stored close at hand.


Add Glass Backsplash

Backsplash fitted in place of tiles or st\ones can help make your kitchen spotless and cleaner. Moreover, it is more durable, sanitary, and versatile in its form. Backsplash added at the back of your stove, will save you from spending hours to erase spots of grease and the kitchen from gravy spills. Just a wipe will be enough to clean it. Glass backsplash on the countertops, cabinets, and back walls are trendy these days. These could sound expensive, but their advantages can overshadow all the prize issues.  This may be a new idea to you – or perhaps you’ve seen this in a friend’s home.  Glass backsplash is so easy to wipe clean and it’s very attractive too.  Look for examples of glass backsplashes online, or visit a kitchen showroom near you!

Try to think outside of the box when it comes to making your kitchen more user friendly and easier to keep clean.  Spend a little extra money on good storage units and kitchen tools and you’ll find you’re happier with the result in the long run.