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There are many reasons behind making a home more accessible. It could be for you, a family member, or a friend who visits frequently. Or perhaps you wish to ensure that, no matter what, you are always prepared to have a home that can be accessible to anyone whenever they may need entry into your home. Either way, there are many changes that you can make to ensure that your property is more accessible for a range of disabilities. If you are wondering how you could do this and what the best changes are, then read the following article for advice and guidance.

1.      Anti-Slip Decking

Firstly, turf can be difficult for people to walk on and stand still. Because of its uneven nature, it can be a hazard and put people at risk of slipping, tripping, or losing their balance. Therefore, a lot of people tend to cover their lawn with a patio or decking area so that there is a smoother finish and one that reduce the chances of injuries caused by an uneven surface. However, when it rains or the weather becomes damp or icy, you may wish to ensure that the decking is anti-slip.

Certain textures and materials will naturally be anti-slip, but there is also a selection of finishes that you can use on your decking to also make it more stable for people to walk across. We checked with Ecoscape  who offers a variety of high slip-resistant decking boards, such as their Charcoal Decking, so that you can have a beautiful looking decking area that helps create a safer and more accessible environment. What’s more, these boards are also low maintenance so those who are less mobile do not have to worry about keeping on top of the upkeep as much as they would with other materials.

2.      Ramps

If you need wheelchair access to your home, or perhaps doorsteps are proving a bit difficult, then you might want to install some ramps outside of your doors or places that may not be smooth enough for a wheelchair. Ramps are a great way to make your home easier to move around and reduce the risks of slipping or falling over. Other benefits of ramps include:

  • Independent living
  • Simplifying the home environment
  • Allowing better mobility

Make sure you speak to a contractor or professional so that they can either build the ramps or install them properly. You will want to ensure that they are stable but also at the correct height and width so that your wheelchair can roll across the ramp easily and without much struggle.

3.      Widen Your Door Frames

Wider door frames can make it easier for those who have trouble moving between rooms. The extra space can reduce the likelihood of them accidentally knocking their elbows on the frame, which can, in turn, impact their balance. Furthermore, if you are including a ramp because of wheelchair access, then you will need to widen the door frames so that the wheelchair can easily fit through the gap without worrying about getting stuck or knocking the sides and causing not only damage, but also discomfort to the person.

4.      Inclusive Kitchen

The kitchen is typically considered the heart of the home, which is why you need to ensure that it is easily accessible for you or anyone you live with and who needs extra accessibility. So, how can you make your kitchen more accessible? Make sure that there is enough space for you to move around easily and freely. You will also need to ensure that you can get in and out of the kitchen without issues. If you are in a wheelchair, then ensuring that your worktops are lowered and that appliances are also at the right height for you is essential, as it can make prepping food an easier and more enjoyable experience. It can, once again, lessen the chances of an accident happening.

Speak with a contractor who can help redesign your kitchen so that you can live and cook as independently as possible. They will be able to ensure everything is at the right and comfortable height for your needs. They can also suggest the perfect worktop surfaces that are easy to clean. After all, you want low maintenance materials to reduce the workload.

Your home needs to be suited to your needs and wants, so if you need a more accessible environment, it is essential that you speak with contractors and developers who can help adapt your home so that you can live independently. Anti-slip decking can make a safer and more enjoyable garden, whereas lowered worktops can also help you cook meals with minimal risks to using kitchen appliances. Make sure your home is exactly as you need it. Let us know what changes you are making.