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Hands down, the living room is the most important part of the house. Second to the kitchen, this room is where we spend most of our time: It is where we sit together and have conversations, entertain our guests, or simply spend Netflix-and-chill Friday nights alone!

That explains why it is the main thing when we talk about house sprucing. Just like a well-designed comfortable loungewear, a well-curated living room feels comfortable, inviting, and warm. With so many living room inspirations online, we know it can be quite daunting to decide which pieces we should fill our space with—especially if you are on a budget!

We know you do not want to make a purchase you’ll regret in the end. Sit back, we have rounded up a list of no-noes to help you make your living rooms feel most at home.


1.  The Wrong Sofa

It is where we dream we should be after a long, busy week: On our comfiest PJs, sinking into our favorite spot on the couch. Undoubtedly, a living room will not look like one without a sofa. It is the most essential living room furniture, and it sets the tone of the space!

As most interior designers say, it is okay to buy wall accessories and side tables on impulse, but never a sofa. It is a big piece of furniture and buying the wrong one can be a costly mistake. It only makes sense why the couch should be many things: large enough to seat you plus your family or some of your friends, ultra-cozy, and of course stylish.


●       Pick the Right Size

It is a good practice to draw a furniture plan before heading to stores to shop. Measure how big your living room space is and how much would fit in your space, that is, the size and height of the sofa. If you are living in a small pad with your partner, a small one is the best way to go. But if you are with a large family with a pretty big space, sectional couches would be great. A good question to ask is “how many people would I want to seat on this?”


●       Choose the Material That Works for You

Do you have pets? Small kids? These are great points to consider as different sofa materials require unique maintenance and cleaning. Leather ones will not stain as much as fabric, and wool ones are very durable and sturdy, making them both great for everyday use.


●       Accessorize

Have one that is past its prime? There are other ways to revive it aside from fitting it with upholstery. Soft microfiber slipcovers are probably the most practical. It is easy to install, machine-washable, and stretchy. They come in different sizes and can fit most sofas, recliners, and loveseats.

The luxurious feel of fuzzy blankets will do the trick too! Go ahead and grab two for an extra layer of comfort. Throw a few more pillows and we’re sure you won’t help but snuggle down all day.


2.    Disproportionate Center Coffee Table

Getting a nice coffee table seems like an easy task: You see a furniture shop and walk in, pick a nice one, and bring it home… only to find out it is too big. A coffee table is a complementary piece. It harmonizes with the existing furniture in the living room while adding function and service.

You can play around with shapes, colors, and textures. If you have curved sofas, a round coffee table would work well. If you have a lot of squares and angles in the room, you can opt for a circular one as well. Neutral walls? Add a pop of color. Rustic living room theme? A simple natural wood table would tie it together with stunning simplicity!

There are no rules with style: You can use it as a statement piece and stand out. You can make it blend with the rest. In other words, play around with colors and texture.

Just keep these important points in mind: It is about size and proportions. According to the experts, this table should be about two-thirds of the sofa, nothing bigger. It should be a few inches lower than your couch or of the same height. The size should leave enough room for you to move around it.


3.    Short Curtains

Nailed the curtain rods just above the window for your short curtains? You are not the only one who made this mistake. It was once popular to hang curtains a few inches above the window. But today, you will likely see ones that are hung inches above that, as long as space will allow. This trick makes the ceiling look higher, the room larger and airier, truly benefiting those with small living areas.

To do it, have the curtain rods installed near the ceiling. Once you do, do not buy short draperies anymore as this will put the first work to waste. Instead, buy ones that are long and will fall close to the floor when hung.

Another tip: Per interior designers, it is best to pick shades that will blend with the walls behind and beside them. When the colors match, it will create a sense of continuity instead of interruption, making the room look bigger than it is.


4.    Artificial Plants

Plants belong to every living area. They add a sense of life, clean the air, contribute to your physical and mental wellness, the list goes on. It is counterproductive to buy artificial ones—they will take up space but only contribute to visual beauty. Why buy those plastic ones when you can have a real one and reap a ton of benefits?

With air quality and purity being essential more nowadays, indoor plants have become a popular element, from living rooms to bathrooms. The simple way of keeping them alive and healthy are all around the net. You will be able to find indoor plants that will not require a ton of skill and science to thrive. Low-maintenance plants just need a bit of sunlight and watering, and you are done! Some of which are snake plants, peace lilies, and Chinese evergreen.