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Whether you are building a new home or working on an existing space, windows are one of the most important purchases you can make. The decision of what style of window to buy is a big one. You might want standard windows that are functional but do not distract from other aspects of the home. You may be insistent that your windows consist of double-pane glass and removable screens without any care about the appearance of the frame. However, more and more homeowners are learning that unique windows are much more preferable. Many unique styles are available and will make your house stand out from all others in your neighborhood.


Bay and bow windows increase light and style

Bay and bow windows are not newcomers to the window world. They are popular choices, but they are far from standard. A typical bay window is made from three separate panels that project outwardly from the home. They can be placed anywhere, but the size that is needed for three panes does require an ample amount of space. Bay windows are good choices for dining rooms, living areas, dens and even bedrooms. They allow a maximum amount of light to flood the room, which saves energy during the daytime hours.


Bow windows offer the same appeal as bay windows, but they do so with more panes of glass. Most bow windows have four to eight panels that are usually much slimmer than those found in bay windows. Like bay windows, bow windows offer excellent light. They also increase the appearance of the size of the rooms in which they are installed.

Casement frames make opening your windows a breeze

A casement window is attached to its frame by hinges rather than the more typical sliding mechanism. A casement window offers rustic charm. However, this choice is not just about appearances. Casement window frames can fit more snugly than sliding frames. You will enjoy fewer unwelcome breezes and a much more efficient heating and cooling system.


These window frames are also perfect on those days that you don’t want to use your furnace or air conditioning. Casement windows close easily and, because they are hinged, you can decide whether you want a small amount of circulating air or a fully open window. When considering upgrading a window and window replacement, casement windows are an easy option. They are available in most standard window opening sizes, so you don’t have to do a tremendous amount of work on your home before the new windows are installed.


Custom windows for you

Custom windows are ideal if they fit into your budget. They are not pre-made to fit in the most conventional homes. Instead, your exact specification dictates the size and shape of the window. Your window and window replacement expert will talk about your plans with you. They will measure the area that needs to have windows installed. They will follow your lead, but they can make recommendations as well.


Custom windows might even be cathedral style. They could be domed, triangular, hexagonal or even round. Round? Yes, even round.  Custom windows may be the first choice for many new homeowners because they know a custom window will fit perfectly and be unique to others in the neighborhood.  Colors and materials you prefer are available with custom options, and this is an area where you can truly let your personality shine.